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Local author spreads the word of kindness in new children’s book “ The Doodle Trap”

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In a world where  the “kruddy’s” seem to be taking over, Lethbridge  author and illustrator  C.M Douglas  reminds us of the importance of embracing  love, care, peace and positivity in her new children’s book “Angie Quinn’s  Amazing Adventures with Shnoogy and Kruddy.”

 Her colourful cast of characters including heroine and storyteller Angie Quinn and Rita Rabbit avoid the pitfalls of “Kruddy’s” negativity, worry, sadness and selfishness as they try to find her son Sunny Bunny who has vanished in pursuit of his beloved doodle cookies.

The protagonist, Angie, is an imaginative young girl with a leg brace, though that doesn’t come in to play at all  in the story.

But her imagination is an essential part of the story as she entertains her mom by relating  the adventures of her friends “Pandi,” Rita Rabbit and Sunny Bunny, Timmy Tortoise and Scout Chippy the chipmunk.

They all work together to find Sunny Bunny, who has wandered into Chippy’s home and gorged himself on doodle cookies. There are consequences to his greed, of course, but everybody works together to save him from himself and Kruddy’s bad attitudes and negative feelings.


Sin is in in Theatre Outré’s “Confessional”

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The Seven Deadly sins can keep you up at night, even just remembering what they are.Confessional has been extended until Nov. 1 at Didi’s Playhaus. Photo by Richard Amery

 So Theatre Outré explores lust, wrath, sloth, gluttony, pride, greed and envy, with a special one on one theatrical experience, Confessional which sold out almost immediately, but has now been extended to Nov. 1. I got the last ticket on Sunday. They announced the extended run earlier this week.

 Confessional is a spooky experience, so it’s very cool that it has been extended into Halloween, because it is ideal for the season.

The show is really seven separate shows performed live by Kathy Zaborsky who covers lust and gluttony; Anastasia Siceac, who covers sloth and envy  and Jay Whitehead, who’s pieces are the strangest examinations of wrath and pride, I’ve ever experience.
 Greed is covered by a multi-media  production incorporating images of money, and fancy cars and houses.
 Only one person , or two if they are in the same cohort, enter  “Didi’s Playhaus” #210 517a 4th ave. S for the show.

 Upon entry, you fill out a quick questionaire including  questions like “ What makes you angry?” “What is your favourite food?” and “What do you  have too much of,” which are then submitted to the cast who incorporate your answers into their performances resulting in a personalized theatrical experience. More so if you answer honestly. I was stumped by a couple of them.

 After you’ve answered the questions, an actor  in a bird-like plague mask guides you into the darkened room and gestures you to stand in a taped off box on the floor, while ensuring you don’t remove your own mask.
And you stand before a plexiglass box. The curtain opens revealing the actor performing each particular piece.


CKXU psyched for spook themed FUNDrive

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CKXU is AlIve for FUNDrive 2020 The local community University of Lethbridge based radio station shut down like everything else back in March due to Covid 19, just about the time  they were about to Launch this year]s ’50’s -’60s horror themed FUNDrive “We’re Alive.”
Most programmers have been recording their shows from home, but everything will be 100 per cent live, from 8 a.m.-midnight Oct. 22-25 as the university is opening their doors again for FunDrive.
“We’re very thankful  to the university for  working with us,” said program director Adrianna Smith.Imogen Pohl shows off some of this year’s CKXU swag. Photo submitted
“We’ve been itching to get back on the air,” Smith said, adding she is excited about this year’s theme.
“The ’50s and ’60s were a great time for music and television and  movies,” she enthused.

“When everything shut down, we didn’t want to be yelling ‘we‘re alive’ when so many things weren’t. We know these are tough times for everyone, so we thought it would be most appropriate to postpone FUNDrive. And the theme is perfect for Halloween,” Smith continued, noting there are a lot of changes this year due to Covid, including cancelling all of the live events that usually happen during FunDrive.

“ We had to make a lot of changes that we‘re trying out this year. This year FUNDRive is a lot shorter. Usually we run for eight days. But there’s FUNDrive fatigue and it‘s really difficult to fill eight days with live programming,” she said.
“We’ll be 100 per local programming,” she enthused.

“ We have a skeleton crew of programmers going live,” she said, emphasizing safety and security in the community was a priority. All programmers had to undgergo extensive screening and safety  training.

Another change is instead of pledge packages, you can bid on individual swag items including  the killer keychain, panic of the pins, for $15 each. The best deal is the Dr. Frankenstein”s Friend’s Card for $30, which gives you a discount at many local businesses.
 The coffee from the Black Lagoon mug is $30, the purple people eater T Shirt is $40 and the Haunted  Howling hoodie is $75.


Metal and much more this week

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Band wars and a a lot more are happening this week. It should go without saying that if you do go out, that you take Covid precautions including proper social distancing and wearing a mask, and staying home if you aren’t feeling well.
 As usual, there  are plenty of open mics happening , beginning with a comedy open mic at Good Times on Tuesday, Oct. 20 and an open mic at the Owl Acoustic Lounge, also on Tuesday.

Breanne Urban And Southern Flyer play Sound Garden this weekend. Photo by Richard Amery
 Devin Gergel hosts Beaches’ open mic on Wednesday and James Joseph hosts the Slice}s Thursday night open mic this week.

 Kelly Klimchuk returns to Honker’s Pub to host an open mic on Friday night, while Jackie French aka Amity hosts Honker’s Pub’s afternoon open mic beginning at 4 p.m., on Saturday, Oct. 24.
Bang your head on a Friday night as The Slice features a battle of the bands, Friday, Oct. 23 at 8 p.m.

 It will be a great night of rock and meal with  North Door, Switched off, Vintage Wine and Revanchist competing for  prizes including recording time at MYLODON and a second prize of a photo shoot with Gabriel Thaine. There is no cover to attend.
 Gabe Thaine will be performing at the Owl Acoustic Lounge, Oct. 23.


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