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Young Medicine share their culture on new CD

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 Young Medicine aka Jamie Medicine Crane and Curt Young are making waves spreading the love and  First Nations culture through their music.
 Their new CD “ Be Your own Person” is aptly named.
 It combines  Curt Young's blues and folk  guitar with Jamie Medicine Crane's flute and storytelling.
“It's a mix of traditional and contemporary,” described Curt Young, taking shelter from the rain after playing  their set at Galt Gardens for The Lethbridge 2019 Winter Games Bid.Jamie Medicine Crane and Curt Young. Photo by Richard Amery
 It has been nominated for a 2014 APCMA 2014  award for best group or duo. They will find out if they won in September in Winnipeg.

The duo perform regularly at community events including numerous fundraisers, including a weekend fundraiser at Smokehouse for firefighters Adopt A  Family, Rock N’ The Nations, Word On The Street and recently at Galt Gardens  at Lethbridge's bid for the Winter Games, Aug. 21.

Curt Young comes from the Salteaux-Cree from Gordon’s and Cowessess First Nations in Saskatchewan and Jamie Medicine Crane is Blackfoot from Kainai & Piikani Nations in Alberta. They are in the process of moving to Edmonton  but will be back to play a SHIA Fundraiser on Aug. 26  at CKXU Love and Records on Sept. 13. as well as several other events.

 Medicine Crane noted it was important to include the storytelling aspect of their shows on the CD.

 They duo have travelled all over Canada, Peru, Hawaii  and even China and Africa spreading their message, music , dance  and culture. Working with youth at gatherings and events is an important part of what they do.


Playgoers of Lethbridge holding auditions for Ken Ludwig's Leading Ladies

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Playgoers of Lethbridge needs a few new leading ladies and a few leading men for their Spring production of Ken Ludwig's 2004 comedy “Leading Ladies.” which is set in 1958.
 Auditions will be Wednesday, Sept. 3 and Thursday, Sept. 4 from 6:30- 8 p.m. at CASA.
 The play will run Feb.11 - 14. at the Yates-Sterndale Bennett Theatre.

 The cast requires five men in their 30's - 40's and one 60 plus and
three women  in 20's to 30's and one 60 plus.

“The play is very funny. It is about two stage actors from Britain who are living in Pennsylvania who are trying to make a living as Shakespearean actors, but it isn’t working,” said director Rita Peterson.

 “ So they see a story in the local newspaper about an elderly lady who is looking for he two long lost nephews she wants to share her inheritance, except they turn out to be nieces. So they decide to pose as her heirs,” she continued.


Great week to bang your head

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This is a great week if you want to rock and roll, bang your head or rap.
The big event of the week is the return of Snapbacks and Throwbacks at the Slice. It is a good way to remember beloved concert promoter and hip hop scene supporter DJ Booda James Nishima who passed away last year.

Broken Down Suitcase return to Lethbridge this week. Photo by Richard Amery
 The Aug. 29 event features Calgary rapper Transit and DJ Jonny Williams.

The other performers include fellow Calgary rappers Auston Wentz aka Jam, The Blue and Southern Alberta rappers Aerosubtle, Kyle Pyke and Pat Clifton and Mike Chek. Millz Skills is spinning the beats.
It is a great week for metal.
 The Deaner of the cult classic FUBAR movies will return to Lethbridge to rock Scores, Aug. 28 with his band Nightseeker who have put on memorable Lethbridge shows.

 Every metal band and his dog will be at the Vent in Coaldale, Aug. 28-29. Performers include Victoria punk stalwarts the Dayglo Abortions plus Reverend Kill, Throne of Vengeance and plenty of local metal acts.


Transit shows transition while paying tribute to DJ Booda at Snapbacks and Throwbacks

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Calgary based rapper Transit  will be showing his transition from Christian rapper and honouring the memory of DJ Booda who passed away last year, by performing at the return of Snapbacks and Throwbacks at the Slice, Aug. 29.Transit  performs at the Return of Snapbacks and Thowbacks this week. Photo By Richard Amery
“It will be at the Slice, which is the first place  played in Lethbridge. So it will be fun to be back there,” Transit said.

“ It will also be a bit of a tribute  to James Nishima, DJ Booda. He was the first person to put me on bigger shows. He was one of the key people in Western Canadian Hip Hop and he was a really good friend,” he said adding Booda and Mase One first started the Snapback and Throwbacks event in Lethbridge.

“It’s pretty close to the anniversary of his passing,” he said. He will be performing with his DJ Jonny Williams.

The other performers include fellow Calgary rappers Auston Wentz aka Jam, The Blue and Southern Alberta rappers Aerosubtle, Kyle Pyke and Pat Clifton and Mike Chek. Millz Skills will be on the decks, spinning the beats.

 Transit just released an album in January and is getting ready to release another one in early January
The new album will be a departure from his “clean” image, but he said the new music reflects his more adult experiences and have been influenced by the experiences of himself and his friends.

He doesn’t have any songs directly about Booda's passing.

“ I’ve done freestyle raps about Booda in Lethbridge,” he said adding he is changing along with his music.


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