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Alien extras needed for weekend film shoot

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Local film company Rambunxious Skuter is looking for a few good aliens this weekend— or at least people who want to play aliens.Aaron Kurmey, Ryan Hatt and Kevin Johnson from Rambunxious Skuter. Photo Submitted
The company, who just released action/ comedy  film Hoodoo Voodoo, is starting work on  a new film “The Overture,” by filming a battle scene between  ‘the infected ’ — alien zombies who want to eradicate  ‘the human scourge,’ so lots of aliens are needed.

They started working on the new film just as ’Hoodoo Voodoo’ started screening at the university.

 “We’d like to have as many as possible. 100 ideally, but that probably won’t happen.” said Kurmey, sitting in his office , painting futuristic assault rifles for the  shoot, which will take place Friday through Sunday.

 “The Overture is a prequel to a feature film we plan on shooting next year,” said writer/ director Aaron Kurmey adding they hope to have the 15-20 minute long short film ready for the University of Lethbridge  film festival at the end of March, though they plan on having it completed by the end of January.

“We really like playing the University of Lethbridge  film festival, because we get 300 people out who are really into it,” Kurmey continued, adding the won an award for their short “High School Brawl.”


“It is about an alien virus that attacks humans, who the aliens use as foot soldiers in their war.  They attract other aliens they have conquered. They are attacking an outpost in northern Alberta. Because they can’t cope as well there because they are, in effect humans. But they completely over run it and kill all of the soldiers there, ” he continued adding the film features 15 cast members.

There won’t be a lot of makeup involved for the extras, though some will get done up in blood.
Kurmey is looking at this film as a test film for the feature.

“This film has a lot more costumes and special effects. We’ll be trying out a lot of computer effects and CGI. That’s why for every film we do, we do a test film first because if something doesn’t work, it’s no big deal and we can learn from it,” he continued adding he wrote the script for this film and consulted with fellow producers Ryan Hatt and Kevin Johnson. The script hasn’t been completed yet for the feature film to follow.
“On Saturday, the infected humans will be running across a field and overrun the compound and kill all of the soldiers,” he said.

 Prospective aliens are asked to  meet at the south side  Safeway parking lot at 7 p.m., Dec. 18, where they will be directed to a farm, 10 minutes away.
 There will be pizza, snacks and hot chocolate supplied.
 The shoot is expected to only take a couple hours and participants are asked to dress warm.

— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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