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Kick yourself for missing Pow Navarro and Brasstronaut

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July 25 turned out to be an amazing night at the Slice. The attendance was meagre however those who were there were amazed at the palpable talent of the artists. Pow Navarro, a fantastic acoustic artist, opened up for the astonishing Brasstronaut.
Pow Navarro is a Filipino native who recently moved to Lethbridge, which definitely benefits the Lethbridge music scene. His folky sound showcases his aptitude for writing gentle, witty lyrics. In fact, Pow Navarro won runner up in the South Country Fair songwriting competition earlier this year. His aptitude for expressing ideas in interesting ways is showcased in the smooth songs.
The singer uses many techniques to enhance his music.  His voice is soft and gentle, a perfect accompaniment to the acoustic guitar. When Pow Navarro needs drums or a trumpet, he taps on his guitar, strings or makes trumpet noises with his mouth. He is creative and resourceful.
Pow Navarro is currently working on an album and will be seen again at the Slice, July 29. He is also playing at the Duke of Wellington, July 8, with the Record Holder.
Definitely check him out as those lucky enough to hear him were impressed with what they heard. 
After Pow Navarro graced the stage, Brasstronaut finished the night with an impressive show. They are inventive and their sounds are surprising. The Vancouver based band is experimental and very intriguing. Individually the members of the band are talented and together they are remarkable. The rhythm and tempo changes in the songs demonstrate their talent and ability to adapt. Extreme tempo changes can make or break a song but Brasstronaut is up for the challenge. The different rhythms add an interesting dynamic to the European/jazz/soul/electronic influenced music.  
The music has interesting progressions as Brasstronaut starts simple and their music builds into an interesting exchange between the instruments. The piano and bass are the foundation of the music while the percussion tugs at the rhythm. Throughout the night, the trumpet alternates between following the piano and improvisation. 
Brasstronaut currently have an excellent EP and will be releasing an album later this year. They will be returning to Lethbridge in the fall for their CD release tour.  Everyone was very impressed with the band and glad they caught them at the Slice. They are a band that you should schedule in pen to see. 
— Lori Alexander, the L.A. Woman 
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