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Jhosse Lora brings the sounds of El Salvador to Henotic

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Jhosse Lora, photo by Lance Thomson Photographic

The air was electric at Henotic, July 30. Jhosse Lora, a band from El Salvador, brought their Latin rhythm to the downtown Lethbridge club. The nine member band danced and sang for a very enthusiastic crowd. 

The lead singer, the only woman in the band, shone in a short gold dress. Her voice was as sultry as the music she sang. The men in the band delivered equally amazing performances, displaying their dancing and musical ability.

Jhosse Lora played traditional sounding Latin music, which included humour and sensuality.

They utilized a vast array of instruments,including what looked like a metal pitcher, possibly my new favourite instrument! The result was much dancing and merriment.

Although the band members didn't speak English, they engaged the crowd remarkably.

 Their communication was universal through good music and pure entertainment. It didn't matter if the crowd couldn't understand what the band members said, music is a more powerful communicator than words could ever be.

The crowd was engrossed in the music, releasing any reservations, getting caught up in the rhythm of the Latin music. The music took over and the whole club was dancing.  The dancers crowded onto the large dance floor and even on the balcony overlooking the band. It didn’t matter whether if people knew salsa or merengue music, they just wanted to shake their hips and move their feet.  Who could resist the siren song of the sultry Latin beat?

Near the end of the evening the dancing flooded into the streets. The rain of a summer storm soaked the dancers moving to the rhythmic songs of Jhosse Lora. The strong vocals, energy of the band and the enthusiasm of the crowd made for an absolutely unforgettable Thursday night.

— By Lori Alexander, the L.A. Woman

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