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Horoscopes Oct. 6, 2011: The lovely, deadly lady

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Lady Venus has temporarily moved into Scorpio as September moved into October and soon, Mercury will follow her there. The nature of Scorpio seems  complicated, cerebral, deeply emotional and even sexual. How do these things apply to you?

Ask yourself that question and bear in mind one thing to consider with this sign; consolidating extremes, even more than with Gemini, the twins.

Scorpio speaks of polarities being excessive or extreme, not just of duality.
Something else about Venus when she's in the underworld, we astrologers consider her to be in detriment; Think Persephone being held captive.

To those who are able to see synchronicity or who might consider these underlaying esoteric or metaphysical influences, this means we may find worthwhile contemplation in this specific set of metaphors mentioned.

Venus in Scorpio concerns ourselves with both the natures of this planet and how it relates to this sign, factoring in how we are each personally and individually affected by them.

Venus rules over aesthetics, love and reflection.

Scorpio rules over death, sex and power. You do the math. To reveal one of this duo's secrets, sexual chemistry, good or bad, has the potential to be as explosive as a nuclear bomb.

Mercury rules over technology, communication, and how people interact.

Surely, it was Hermes who invented the cell phone... And Skype. In Scorpio, he has a big, honest mouth which means he both can't shut up and can't help telling brutally honest truths. This will be brought out in most everyone, and in line with that thought, I predict that the protests that aren't happening down on Wall Street, won't let up anytime soon.

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— by Iris E (Becky Johnston) Special to L.A. Beat,
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