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Blackberry Wood coming back to rock it gypsy style

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What is a blackbery wood? Unless you are talking about  the Vancouver based  folk. gypsy/ rock collective, who range Blackberry Wood Return To Lethbridge this week. Photo by Richard Ameryanywhere from four to 14 members, it doesn’t actually exist.

 “ There is actually no such thing as a blackberry wood. When we were deciding on a name we put together a bunch off different words that didn’t make a lot of sense together,” said Kris Wood answering the question of whether the band is named after him.

A trimmed back and more rocking Blackberry Wood is coming back  to provide some gypsy flavoured fun at the Slice, Nov. 10.

  They just returned from another successful European tour.
“We  went for two weeks this time. Last time we played a lot of festivals, ” Wood said.

Club audiences are more enthusiastic in the United Kingdom than in the U.S.

“They work hard and play hard. They take it seriously. They want to get right to the fun part of the night, which is what we bring them,” he said.

 In addition to clubs, they played a couple gypsy parties with actual gypsies.

“Those are really good parties. They last like three days. It’s a lot of singing and dancing. It’s a big party,” he described.

 He is looking forward to the  latest tour back home as the band, trimmed down to a quartet features a new drummer who brings more of a rock sound to the band,  and a percussionist named Tesla.
“She’s this crazy Oriental Lady. It’s really cool to watch,” he said.
They also are playing a couple quirky new covers.

“We’re working on the song from Star Wars - the one that’s playing in the cantina scene. It’s a good version of it too, though it is  slowed down  and more bluesy,” he laughed adding it is strange enough to  make him want to cover it.
 In the meantime they are looking forward to getting back in the studio with the Odds’ Steven Drake producing.

“It’s really cool doing a CD with him. We have a lot of different songs written for it. We have 23 songs  written,  and will choose about 15.”

While he said the new songs are more straight ahead rock, thanks in part to the new drummer, they won’t lose the gypsy influence.

“It’s a little gypsy with a lot  more rock,” he said.
 The new CD will be mixed  in New York City by  Greg Calbi.
“He has a note framed in his studio that says ‘Great Job Greg, See You in the morning.” And it’s signed John Lennon. So he’s pretty big,” Wood said.

 Blackberry Wood plays the Slice, Nov. 10. There is a $10 cover.

— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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