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The Business of the Inevitable: Horoscopes for Monday, Jan. 9-Monday, Jan. 23

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New Years and Christmas are out the door and 2012, the year of impending doom, or of a subtle global enlightenment, or maybe of nothing happening any differently than any other year, has begun! With the heavy expectations set upon the backdrop of this year 2012, the symbolic stage has been set. It will be a year of heightened “pick-me-ups,” and low feeling “put-me-back-downs.”
We start off with everybody racing, as par the usual New Years resolution rampage, with most of us lemmings scurrying to get going with our latest resolution but this year more seriously than some others.

It's like we've all got a bit of an extra oomph, when it comes to getting on the hamster wheel of reform this time around, like it almost serves a purpose.... And that purpose is bettering the self, recognizing the weak spots in the framework, exercise, elbow grease, practice, movement, D) All of the above.

So, whet your proverbial whistles and get cracking on paving your path to the future! There are new ventures on the horizon we're all seeing quite clearly, at the moment. Just be careful you don't take yourself too seriously now. The sheen may be faded from Jan. 1 but the vehicle is still well oiled and raring to go. We're back in our slumps but on the verge of tightening the reins, once and for all. Right?

Aries - Melancholy and the Infinite River

March 21-23 to April 20-23
I hate to chalk it up to this but you'll be doing much better in two weeks time. You'll be feeling more deeply emotional than you're quite used to.There is no but, just the facts, ma'am or sir. Get ready for some deep nostalgia, but in the meantime, your melancholy will help you to get into better habits, forcing you to focus on where you find yourself in the now. Venus in Aquarius makes you feel, straight up, a little weird. Shake the tatty weirdies out of your hair, or cut them out, or whatever you have to do; Just go with the flow. I know it's difficult when so much seems at stake but this is a time for pushing your intuition.

Taurus - Golden Fish

April 21- 23 to May 20 - 23
Your planet, Venus, moves into Pisces which spells catastrophe for you, Taurus. Just kidding! Actually, Pisces can be endearing, pouty-lipped in all the sultry ways that Taurus loves, and though this period may have you feeling more feelings than you would like, it might well be good for you to tune into the softer side of your nature. Taurus, like Cancer, has a habit of staying where they're comfortable but this period asks you, not to completely shatter your comfort zone, heavens no, but to simply step outside of it with an open heart. Pisces affecting anything means it has an added ability to go deeper than ever before.

Gemini - A Confession

May 21-23 To June 20-23
With Mars in mercurial Virgo, and the Moon gaining toward Aquarius on the tail end of the next two weeks, you're liable to be a little less tightly wound than in times past. Venus in Pisces sees you experiencing some rather uncomfortable emotions, to which even you might confess come two weeks time. There's a dreamy quality about you which may smooth things over.

Cancer - Dream On

June 21-23 to July 20-23
The Sun heading into Aquarius is a strange one for you, with your Moon ever changing as it is. The quirky, erratic nature of the sign mixed with your own makes you a little on edge, but like everyone else, dreams of the long term are keeping you afloat. Keep on dreamin' on. This time will be a little strange for most of us, though some more than others. You just find yourself feeling more emotionally involved than you even usually are, but those hopes and wishes really will keep you up in the coming fortnight. They are your saving grace, so when times get hard, without masturbating your ego, think of all the lovely things your dreams may bring, and not of the hole in your heart you wish those things to fill.

Leo - An Awkward Change

July 21-23 to Aug. 20-23
Usually, you bat with a great average but in this instance, with the Sun moving into Aquarius, you find yourself treading water or so to speak. I'll echo myself again saying Aquarius is dreamy but mixed with your Leonine pride, this can create an over-blown sense of ego. Or, if you're affected by watery signs in your chart, it may create a sort of fear of what will come your way. You may find yourself like a deer in headlights, terrified of what may be oncoming. Tune into your emotions, your intuition and take some time in solitude for this. It will not be easy but you must find out where your heart truly lies and know honestly, if you are deceiving your own heart, or honouring its true will. Good luck.

Virgo - Planting Anew
Aug. 21-24 to Sept. 21-23
You've got more energy lately than a can of Mexican jumping beans. And if not, you certainly aren't drawing on the reserves available to you. The Sun heading into Aquarius and Venus into Pisces, with Mars in your sign, you may be poised for attacking the new year of 2012. You're digging up your past, and sowing seeds for your future. It's time to till the soil of exactly what you like and what you don't like, but what's new for you, eh? You're constantly analyzing everything in your path, almost even scrutinizing, as meagre-seeming as your exterior presence may present itself. Watch your harvest doesn't get burned, when the fire starts in your heart.

Libra - The Pious Bias

Sept. 21- 23 to Oct. 21 -23
Lots of planets are in Capricorn right now and Libra doesn't get along too well here, for the most part. They're not especially adverse, Libran and Capricornian influences but they're not entirely compatible, either. It makes you feel like the world lacks compassion for all the hard work you've done; Like people should just throw on a pair of rose coloured lenses, like yours. If only things went as smoothly as we imagined things, but really, are you as unbiased as you'd like to think you are?

Scorpio - En Guard!
Oct. 21-23 to Nov. 21-23
In about two weeks time, you'll be on your best defensive game. Venus in Pisces gives you a sense of vulnerability, but the approaching Mars, Mercury trine has you feeling as if you're about to be attacked, and that you must be on guard. The Sun in Aquarius allows your thoughts to get a little out of control, imagining the best-of and the worst possible, scenarios. Don't get too involved in your imagination, and try to take hold of your self-control. In law, if you don't attack first, it's called self defence but note how much you provoke what's coming to you and how much simply comes, without provocation.

Sagittarius - Wonky Whiles

Nov. 20-23 to Dec. 20-23
Wonky, wonky, wonky times, yo. Git out yuh bling, blong song, sizzle-doo! I know, that made no sense. And that's how the next two weeks will feel for you, as if the whole world has gone mad and you're the only sane one standing in the middle of the lion pit. Don't worry, your head won't get eaten off! Just beware of your own tendency to over-analyse situations, and to bite off the heads of others within, without telling them about it... Don't be too critical and instead, be concerned with opening up and accepting all the crazy crazies.

Capricorn - When In Rome

Dec. 20-23 to Jan. 18-21
You've still got a lot of power on your side to get things done mentally, emotionally and in the outside world. You're revved up with some very beneficial energies on your side, now. The only thing you've got to keep an eye on is the winding down of this process, and time. You're going to be losing some of that hard earned juju, as the next two weeks come to a close, so the best thing to do now is to reinforce your borders, or your intentions, so to speak. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Aquarius - The Bus Load

Jan. 18-21 to Feb. 18- 21
The Sun heads your way, lending a super positive punch to your personal activities and to your livelihood. You'll be rearing to go, more so than you have been in recent times past, as finally, you've garnered a little more self-control as a result of all your efforts, which you'll also notice in those around you too. It is a time of doing, not of thinking, and you'll be kept plenty busy. Emotionally, your love life should improve, rather taking an up-swing, and general conversation will relinquish the serious tone it has been taking on, as of late. Just watch you're not too open to the oncoming traffic, or you may get hit by a bus.

Pisces - Follow Your Bliss
Feb. 18-21 to March 18-21
You, my dear, will be feeling emotionally slavish for the next two weeks. Is it getting hot in here, or what? Or is it getting cold? Plain and simply, your internal thermostat can't stand still. The Sun will be in Aquarius but Venus moves into your sign, out from Aquarius, deepening emotional wounds and strengthening the profound, and meaningful qualities of your relationships. Don't get sucked into your own depression and feelings of angst or being overwhelmed, as this may be tempting.
Instead, focus on what you love and follow your bliss. You have plenty of help in doing so, now; The shift should not be as hard as it once was.

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