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Hank and Lily to show three different sides at three different shows

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You can see three different sides of Hank and Lily this weekend at the Slice and Owl.
 The vaudeville inspired Victoria duo will be returning to Lethbridge for three shows May 4-6.
 They will not only be bringing the Star Wars art exhibit  to a close, but they will also celebrating Cinco De Mayo at the Slice as well as performing a more laid back folky set at the Owl Acoustic Lounge on Sunday.
 Lily Fawn encourages everybody to dress the part for the Star Wars show, which will feature the music from their new electronica/ disco CD “Crank City.
“I’m going as Princess Lily, but I can’t decide if it will be the classic Princess Leia or the Princess Leia, when she is taken prisoner, by that big gelatinous guy (Jabba the Hutt),” she said, deciding  on a classic Princess Leia.

“I like the classic Princess Leia. I think I can make her shine,” she continued.Hank and Lily return to Lethbridge for three shows this week. Photo by Richard Amery

“ And Hank is going as Hank Solo,” she enthused adding she will be bringing her boyfriend Marco to play bass as Cecil the Weasel.

“He and Hank were trying to decide which one should go as a sand person, but I think Hank should be Hank Solo,” she giggled.

Hank Pine is pretty proud of the new Cd. He drew a comic book for it like he did with the other Hank and Lily CDs.

“ I was looking at comics and said I could do that. It’s totally readable. I love the art form,” said Hank Pine, adding he taught himself how to draw comic styles.
 “It’s the most satisfying art form. I like it almost as much as I like music,” he continued.

“ Crank City is our sell out album,” he said. “ It’s about an uprising. It’s about the price of fame and success,” he continued adding it has been in the works for  quite a few years.

“We started working on it in 2005, but decided to do the other albums first and a lot of solo projects, so it’s always been in the background,” he said.

“ There are a lot of keyboards on it. And Lily gets to come out from behind the drums and shake her booty,” he said.

 She is excited about bringing the new CD to Lethbridge.
 And while she said they have tested a few of the songs in places like Toronto, they are going to play the whole thing in Lethbridge.
 It couldn’t be a better suited theme as “Crank City,” is a futuristic tale about a rebellion against a robot run empire.
“Nobody has ever heard it yet. It’s electro pop/ disco with some rapping,” she said.

“ We did a trial show in Toronto. Hank is part of a theatre group called Ride the Cyclone and we played an after party for them. And we played a few of them at Shambhala last year.  But its something fresh and new for us and we’re pretty excited about it,” she said.
“We‘re excited to show Lethbridge this side of Hank and Lily,” she said.

 The next day, Cinco De Mayo will be special, if only because it it is also Cecil the Weasel’s birthday on May 5. Lily Fawn promised that one would be the big rock show.

“ We only know two Spanish songs. We have three sombreros, though we don’t know how we’ll get them on the plane,” she giggled.
“It will be a big rock party. I think it will be really fun.”
“It will be a more Pixies style rock and roll show,” noted Hank Pine, who usually dresses for the shows in an outfit straight out of the post-apocalyptic world of the Road Warrior, completely in leather, cowboy hat and wearing a metal mask.

 Their third show, this time at the Owl Acoustic Lounge, May 6, will be decidedly more laid back.
“It will be a more acoustic, singer/ songwriter show,” added Pine.

“ I love the Owl. You can go and have something to eat or just talk. It must be the owners. I wish we had a place like it in Victoria. It’s something about the people,” Lily Fawn continued. In addition to a full time job and Hank and Lily CD and  an expected tour, Lily Fawn has been busy with several other projects including playing trumpet the new CD of her boyfriend’s band, Meat Draw. She has also been playing more ukulele.

“I went out to an open mic with  some friends and played ukulele and I even won a prize. That‘s big for me because when I’m not playing in Hank and Lily, I’m actually quite shy,” she said.

 They are looking forward to the Lethbridge shows, especially playing the new music.
“It’s just a one off show. We’ll be doing a CD release tour later in the year. So this will be a sneak peek party. And we’re excited to do it,” she said.

Hank Pine noted the three shows will offer something for everybody.
“If you don’t like one show, stick around, because the next one might be right up your alley,” he said.
Ticketed for  May the Fourth be with you Star Wars party cost $15 in advance. Cinco DeMayo costs $10, both of them are at the Slice. There is no charge for the Owl Acoustic Lounge acoustic Hank and Lily show.

—  By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
Last Updated ( Sunday, 06 May 2012 19:15 )  
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