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Fish & Bird excited about new music and folk clubs

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Victoria based folk band Fish & Bird end up the Lethbridge Folk Club season, June 6 at the Wolf’s Den. They have played Lethbridge several times in the last year, but have been busy recording demos on Mayne Island, just off the coast of British Columbia.

“The demos sound great. We had a lot of fun working on new songs, ” said Taylor Ashton, banjo player and vocalist.

Fish & Bird return to Lethbridge this week. Photo by Richard Amery
 Fish & Bird wind up the Lethbridge Folk Club’s season, June 2 with special guest Andrew Scott.

There were a few technical issues. While they weren’t recording the drums,  they bleed through the guitar microphones.

“There were a lot of drums, so we turned off the drum mics, but some of them leaked through on the guitar tracks. That makes it difficult to do anything with them,” he continued adding they got some good songs that they may release later on.

“We might use those demos for applying for grants. So it is not definitely out of the realm of possibility something could happen with them,” he continued noting the band  was off to play folk festival in Portland, Oregon, before coming out west to Lethbridge.
“It’s actually quicker to go there than it is to Vancouver because we can take the ferry right there,” he said.

They enjoy playing folk clubs like the Wolf‘s Den, because they enjoy playing for audiences who listen.
“We love playing folk clubs,” he said.

“We’ve played a lot of bars where the music comes second to selling booze. But we’re playing a lot more folk clubs and festivals now,” he continued.
“It’s nice and refreshing to play for an audience who is seated and listening,” he observed.

If you haven’t heard Fish &Bird ( Taylor Ashton (vocals, banjo); Adam Iredale-Gray (fiddle, vocals); Ryan Boeur (electric and acoustic guitars); Ben Kelly (drums) and Natalie Bohrn (upright bass, vocals), He said they are folk, but also add a little extra.

 They released their latest CD “Every Whisper is A Shout Across The Void,) in 2011.

“We’re definitely folk, but we’ve got a lot of elements of rock and pop joined together, so we’re definitely on the edge of folk,” he described.
 He said they are starting to experiment with their new music.

“It’s more unpredictable and less settled. There is a lot more variety, so people will still get something out of it,” he continued adding their songs are different enough to appeal to people with different musical tastes.
 They are pleased to have new stand up bassist Natalie Bohrn on board.

“She’s from Brandon. We do a lot of collaborating. She’s fresh and has a lot of energy,” she continued.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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