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Horoscopes Aug. 20-Sept. 3, 2012: Dear Iris …

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Dear Iris E,

Please tell me how my future looks for the next two weeks through this method considered to be a divination in archaic and ancient times past, by catgorizing me into a convenient one twelfth of the population pie, and by the way, it must be accurate or you're a failure ...
I Have Vernacular Hives

Dear IHVH,
No. Aw, fine... I can't honestly do that, but I'll try my best. Thanks for asking.

Iris E. 
Dear Aries, (March 21-23 to April 20-23)

Watch you aren't convoluted toward the ends of putting yourself first. You know thyself, before you can begin to help others, but there are breaks to be made for generosity. You may tend toward obsessing, but embrace the passion in the air and attempt to move mountains of stagnation with that inner fire.


Dear Taurus, (April 21-23 to May 20-23)

 Emotions are building up under the surface when you may be feeling slightly out of your element. With Venus in Cancer, you're bound to be serving up some highly feely, feely gravy for dinner. That means you're sensitive, prone to moodiness more than your usual grounded self, but capable of nurturing through the irks and spontaneous frustrations to the umpteenth degree. Take care of what needs taken care of first, and make time for brooding contemplation later.


Dear Gemini, (May 21-23 to June 20-23)

You'll be in the mood to show yourself off a little more than you have been these last few months past. You'll think you're a funny little box of yellow yokes and that you're leaving a trail of holiest schmokes, but your sensitivity to the opinions of others will also be highlighted. Take it with a grain of salt, not with salty, bitchy tears.

Dear Cancer, (June 21- 23 to July 20-23)

You've been consorting with lady Venus where your affections are concerned, in that you have been experiencing a delightful bout of affections, as well as a want to run away and hide, despite all the love that may or may not be rampant in the air. You may find yourself in the habit of possibly over analyzing your home situation or environment, to
discerning the pros and cons of your general environment; Make a list.


Dear Leo, (July 21-23 to Aug. 20-23)

You simply can't stop reading into things, attempting to find a flaw in the overall plan. It's almost as if you're looking for the loose thread in the sweater, hoping to unravel the whole by doing so. Your planet, the Sun, being in Virgo speaks of looking prudently for the errors in the system, especially where the roots of issues are concerned. Don't be afraid to get your paws dirty, digging farther through the dirt.


Dear Virgo, (Aug. 21-24 to Sept. 21-23)

Your most deeply rooted issues which have formed your basises deep down, where your reason and logic were formed, may be put into the forefront  of your mind now.


You are looking long and hard at the whats, wheres and whys of how exactly you got here. Maintain your sense of humor,  without being too firm, at this time - It's vastly more important than work, or your possessions, for example. 



Dear Libra, (Sept. 21 - 23 to Oct. 21- 23)

You may be feeling homey and sensuous, sensitive and feminine, even the  males amongst your Libran ranks. Do you find yourself actually cooking for your spouse? No? Well, start. Being at home, in the midst of issues to be balanced on the scales leaves you heading straight up a path to possible happiness. Social activities are welcome, as well, so the two may go hand in hand, but home will be a certain focus. Hopefully whoever lives with you enjoys your company immensely.


Dear Scorpio, (Oct. 21-23 to Nov. 21-23)

Mars being in your sign right now has you a little on edge with an energy you aren't quite sure what to do with, likened to restlessness. You're inclined to showmanship without necessarily having anything to show, which leave you with the task of making learning anything new into a song and dance, weather alone or with others. And yet, you have been  told not to videotape your practices. Entertainment should be a  consideration as you establish your priorities, despite what others may  think. Break social boundaries to the best of your abilities! Rebel! REBEL!!!


Dear Sagittarius, (Nov. 20-23 to Dec. 20-23)

You might be feeling a little more cerebral than you're used to. This is when we think intellectually, using our powers of perception to deduce conclusions based on reason
and function. You're inclined philosophically, as always, but using your voice more than you have in a long while. Outside of flapping your  gums, actual applied methods of learning, such as reading and writing, are especially suggested at this time. Educate yourself about what you're interested in, and if you commit without fail, it should be an expansive venture.


Dear Capricorn, (Dec. 20-23 to Jan. 18-21)

Good luck to you!  No, seriously, I think you may have luck on your side, don't ask me why, it's an astrologer's secret. Anywho, a little time invested in a hobby that engages your thinking power, coupled with some social activity will be to your great benefit. Other weeks, with planets in different places, I might suggest just the opposite, but for the next two, this is what you get. Don't work too hard with your hands, work hard with your relationships, especially long term ones.


Dear Aquarius, (Jan. 18-21 to Feb. 18-21)

You find yourself unable to focus on your own needs and priorities right now. Everything is spinning on your back while you're attempting to stand still, without dropping the ball. Don't freeze up, but understand that you're trapped in a block of ice, and just feking chill. What will be important, is not focusing on the self, for that seems contrary to your nature, but in focusing on the whole - Others. What do you really do for them?


Dear Pisces, (Feb. 18-21 to March 18- 21)

Feeling slightly cut off from your own intuition lately, it's as if the answers simply aren't coming when you attempt to swim deep down to retrieve them. Just go to the surface and don't look too much into the cloudy waters, lest you should get caught in a murkier reflection. Follow what makes you feel most passionate, and brings out your more dominating side, weighing that with a healthy dose of self-consideration. You can not go wrong with what truly spurs you on.

— By Iris E (Becky Johnston) Special to L.A. Beat

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