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Delhi2Dublin back with brand new CD , video and tour

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Vancouver based  Celtic/ world/ East Indian electronica orchestra Delhi 2 Dublin are stoked about life.
Currently in California and eagerly anticipating the American release of their lasted CD “Turn Up the Stereo,” they will be returning to Lethbridge to rock Scores South, Nov. 11.Delhi2Dublin return to Lethbridge, Nov. 11. Photo by Richard Amery
“Lethbridge has always been one of those places which has always been really supportive of us way back when we were playing for Jason (Beacock) at Henotic,” enthused electronics/ tabla player Tarun Nayar.

“People always seem to be ready to party with us in Lethbridge,” he said.
 Nayar is joined by Sara Fitzpatrick on fiddle, vocals and hand drums; vocalist Sanjay Seran, electric sitarist/ guitarist Andrew Kim and dhol player Ravi Binning. They combine elements of a lot of different musical styles including Celtic music, East Indian music,  a lot of pop music and some R and B.

“We’ve been to Lethbridge six or seven times, and it’s really awesome. We had a lot of kids come to see us at Shambala. But we revamp our set every six months, so it will be a completely new show for people who have seen us before,” he said.

“There will be eight or nine songs from the new CD and a lot of fun remixes,” he continued.

 The new CD was released in Canada in August, but they haven’t played a lot here since then.

“We’ve mostly been playing in the United States, but it’s weird because we’re playing a lot of the new songs, but we don’t have the CD with us,” he observed adding the new music has received positive response during the two weeks they’ve been playing in Canada.

“It’s on the top 50 College charts for the first time ever,” Nayar enthused.
The new CD features a lot of fiddle player Sara Fitzpatrick’s singing. She has been part of the band for two years now.
“She has an amazing voice and it’s all over the album,” he said she also plays had drums on stage.

“We have hand drums on stage to make a lot of noise banging on them. It’s hard to get her to play fiddle because she’s having so much fun banging the drums,” Nayar joked.

They took more time than usual to making the music for the new CD.

“I think it’s better, the songs are better and it’s produced much better,”  said Nayar  who does most of the production and technical work on Delhi 2 Dublin CDs.

“ We decided we were  at the stage in our careers to make the best songs  possible. Before there were deadlines.  This time there were no compromises and no strict deadlines. We thought the songs were a better reflection of where we were when we wrote the album. They are definitely the best songs we could have written,” he continued.

“We put out hearts and souls into this album,” he said.

They are involved in several album related activities including creating their first T-shirts and releasing an acoustic video of their song “Love Is The Hero,” which is unusual for them, as they are usually plugged in and turned up, though they went acoustic for a couple events. Mitch Fillion of Southern Soul did the acoustic video for them.

“He’s known for doing one take videos. It was very new for us because we’ve never performed acoustic on a video,” he said.
“We just sat down and played the song acoustically,” he continued.

“We all started by playing in acoustic bands. We just added electronics, because I’m a nut for electronics,” he said adding they played a festival in Bali all acoustic.

“ This album has a lot of meat to it. The melodies are tight and so is the music. So we were excited to be able to strip it back and show it,” he said.
They have also done a studio video for the title track “Turn Up Your Stereo,” but  he hasn’t seen it yet.

“You never know how it will turn out because it is just us in the studio. So it could be ‘hey that looks pretty cool,’ or ‘hey, we look like idiots,’” he continued adding the project is in the hands of director Noah Pink, who has worked with Hey Rosetta and Rich Aucoin.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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