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Marvelous metal from Throne of Vengeance

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 The Slice went metal with the University of Lethbridge Headbangers Society for April 13.Throne of Vengeance playing classic metal. Photo By Richard Amery

 While I missed local stoner rock band DIRT, who I really wanted to see, I was just in time for a loose set of original crowd favourites from Lethbridge progressive rock trio Lustre Creame.

 Guitarist Aaron Trozzo kicked off the band’s set by breaking a tuning peg on his guitar and tuned it with a pair of pliers, kicking off their set with a shrieking wave of feedback. 

While bassist Jeoff Orriss didn’t think things were going well, they still played a solid set of riff heavy rock full of loud riffs, intricate bass and guitar solos including ’80s metal style fretboard tapping on them both.

Lustre Creame‘s Aaron Trozzo. Photo by Richard Amery
Calgary’s Throne of Vengeance held high the torch of classic metal as they tore the place apart for their set.

 They had some supreme twin guitar leads and riffs, intense energy and some fantastic vocal melodies combining elements of Iron Maiden and Megadeth.

They had a handful of people banging their heads in front of the stage.
 They tapped the fretboards of their guitars for solos and even added a brief drum solo, hammering home the ’70s and ’80s feel of the night, while adding a  few modern elements including a cover of Damage Plan’s  “Bunt Force Trauma.”

 They also had an excellent sound mix, so you could hear just about everything happening on stage. My favourite moments were the moments of harmonized guitar, which is  a rare talent.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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