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Dragonette more than just a synth pop band

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Toronto based synth pop trio Dragonette are best known for their hit “Hello,” but  they are a lot more than that as Lethbridge will see, Aug. 6 at Average Joes. A couple of their other popular songs include “Run, Run Run” “Live In This City”  and “Big in Japan.”
“ A lot of people just know us from the the songs that get played on the radio or “Hello” and a lot of them don’t even know that we sing that, but our fans recognize that we do is prDragonette visit Lethbridge for the first time, Aug. 6. Photo submittedetty broad,” said front woman Martina Sorbara, getting back from a bike ride  in her home town of Toronto.

Bassist/ keyboardist Dan Kurtz and drummer Joel Stouffer complete the trio.

“We’re a band who really can’t stick to one thing. Electro-pop music is a lot different from what we all grew up on. We all have different influences and electro-pop music is a way to make them all come through,” she said.

“ ‘Body Parts’ (Their most recent album) is still firmly in pop-land, but it is all over the place,” she said adding they aren’t afraid of being pigeonholed as an electro pop band.

“The synths will always be there, but I don’t think we’ll be recording an acoustic album,” she said adding the band continued to get better and is always trying to replicate the sound of their album with live instruments
 They  had a busy year, including touring all over the world in support of ‘Body Parts.’

“We’re just getting started on the  new album. Coming off touring and going into the writing process I find is very jarring. But we have a few songs left over from the last album, so we’ll finish them so we remember who the band is,” she said.

 They have never played Lethbridge before.
“We‘re just trying to represent fully the variedness of the music and bring that to the stage, ” she said.
“I want to sing some of the slower songs we have but often get the feeling people think I shouldn’t because I should be jumping around rather than singing ballady songs,” she said
“But mostly it will be a fun dance party,” she added.

Representing the band’s music on stage is a challenge, but one they are slowly meeting.
“I’m playing keyboards and guitar,” she said.
“ We’ve got a cool thing going as a trio, though we’d like to have more people on stage. One of our roadies plays guitar in between running around the stage making sure everything is all right,” she said.

They enjoyed their tour of the world, though it is a bit of a blur.
“We’ve been taking it easy over the past few months, but it has been a busy year,” she said adding Barcelona stands out as a highlight of Europe.

“We’ve been playing a lot of smaller places and people have been coming out to see up in places where we haven’t officially released any music. So that makes us feel pretty cool,” she said.
“Barcelona is always a soft spot for us because it’s the first place we played in Europe. It’s always fun, so we always remember that first time,” she said.
 Tickets for the Aug. 6 show at Average Joes cost $25.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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