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Gob coming back to play “feet tapping, hand clapping, ass shaking show”

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Vancouver based punk/ pop band Gob has been keeping a low profile as of late.Theo Goutzinakis and Gob return to Lethbridge, Sept. 20. Photo by Richard Amery
It hasn’t helped that  frontman Tom Thacker has spent much of the past several years  living in New York City when not touring with Sum-41 and even filling in on guitar for the Offspring.

“I think they (Sum-41) broke up, he was with them for a few years in 2006 and 2007. But we have Tom for now,” said Gob vocalist/ guitarist Theo  Goutzinakis, in the middle of a lunch break.

 But the reinvigorated Gob returns to Alberta next week for shows in Calgary and another at Bo Diddly’s in Lethbridge, Sept. 20 with the Sophmore Jakes.

“We’re just starting to rehearse for these shows now,” he said.
“I’ve been working on the new Gob album. I recorded the whole album myself,” he continued.

“Well Tom helped a bit  too. He was in New York, but he sent me vocals and piano parts,” he chuckled.

Piano parts? Does that mean Gob will be bringing keyboards on tour.
“That is something we’d try, but it has to work for us. Tom has actually been playing piano for a long time. He’ll play with his fingers and toes like Jerry Lee Lewis. But he’ll sing ‘my balls are on fire ’ instead of ‘great balls of fire,”” he laughed.

“But he’ll only play the piano if it’s needed. There’s piano on at least three of the new songs.”
They are excited about playing together again.

“When we get together and play the music we wrote and hit the stage in front of an audience, and everyone gets their mojo and their groove that’s when the magic happens. It’s the sexual climax. It’s one of the best feelings in the world. It’s awesome,” he said.
 Goutzinakis has been working on the new record for three or four years, though it doesn’t have a title yet.
“That’s actually the last thing we usually do, that and the cover art,” he continued.
“ We’re shopping the record now, in record business terms,” he said.

“But I’ve been working on it for a while, at least three years,” he continued.
 He is excited about returning to Lethbridge and hanging out with the fans
“We’ll do three or four rehearsals, and do the  things people expect of us like make a set list. But we’re going to show up and rock their ass,” he promised.

 He noted the new music will remind people of their first couple of releases.

“The last one  Muertos Vivos released in 2007) definitely had a darker tone and lyrics. The new Cd will remind people of  ‘The World According to Gob,’” he said adding there are some other influences as well.
“ There is definitely  some doo wop and some David Bowie rock and roll. So it’s pretty cool,” he enthused.

 The band is a democracy, so all four of them, including bassist Steven Fairweather and drummer Gabe Mantle, choose which songs to appear on their CDs.

“Tom is a lean mean songwriting machine. It‘s not like we just write 12 songs for an album. We write about 30.  It’s a very democratic process. So we get together and vote. We have our own Senate meeting, just like my good Greek ancestors, but instead of stones, we write stars and check marks next to the songs we think work the best together. I didn’t make the cut,” he laughed adding he is planning a side project of his solo music.

“The music has been done for a while and we have a bit of an idea and concept for it, but we’re not ready to let the cat out of the bag yet,” he said.
They are excited about playing some of the new music.
“We’ll be playing at least one new song. We’ve got some great songs. It will be a feet tapping, hand clapping, ass shaking show. So ladies look out,” he enthused.

 He noted they aren’t beholden to any record contract or company, so they may release the CD on their own and plan a cross Canadian tour.
“We’ve discussed it. Well Tom and I have discussed it, but Gabe and Steven don’t know about it yet. They’ll read it here first,” he chuckled.
The show is  at 9 p.m. Advance tickets are $20. Fort Macleod pop punk band Sophmore Jakes open the show.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 17 September 2013 10:00 )  
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