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Madchild to return to play for DJ Booda

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Vancouver rapper/ battle-axe warrior/ Swollen Members member Madchild has fought his share of demons. He keeps them at Madchild returns to Lethberidge on Wednesday, Sept. 25. Photo by Richard Amerybay using his music as his battle axe.

 He returns to Lethbridge, Sept. 25 to play DJ Booda’s memorial show at Studio 54 with Slaine.

“If I’m not making music or spending time with my family,  it‘s a waste of a day,” said Madchild, apologizing for lisping due to getting used to new gold plated teeth while  taking a break from filming a video for the Swollen Members’ song “Juggernaut.”
 He has already filmed  videos for six songs from his latest CD “Lawnmower Man.”

“ I just love what I do,” he said, adding Lawnmower Man, while being inspired by the Stephen King short story and movie is a natural progression for him and almost a return to form.

His CD “Dope Sick,” which was released last year chronicled his battles with oxycontin addiction and legal difficulties which stopped him from being able to cross the border.

 Now they are resolved, it allows him to lighten up a little on the new CD.

“I’m happiest when I’m working. I feel that keeps me focused,” he continued.

“We’re all rediscovering. This Cd has a different, more grass roots approach,” he said adding he will focus on doing two Madchild solo CDs in a row followed by two Swollen Members Cds.

“Then I’ll tour for three months for each one and come home and refocus, release another CD and tour three months on that,” he continued.

“ Dope Sick was about overcoming things. This CD is more of a celebration of life and living life on a more positive path,” he said.
“It’s full of high energetic songs. It’s a celebration and I’m happy how people have embraced it,” he said.
It is also full of pop culture references, particularly Stephen Kings’  story “Lawnmower Man.”
“The concept is derived from Lawnmower Man. It’s a lot of fun,” he said.

 His  favourite part of an eventful year is being able to tour in the United States again.
“I wasn’t allowed to before. So just being able to tour there has been a highlight,” he said.

“ I want to thank my fans for sticking by me. It feels like the world has been lifted off my shoulders,” he said.
He is glad to play Booda’s memorial show as they go back a long way.
“RIP Booda. He was a wonderful guy. He was always willing to help. I feel honoured to be asked to perform,” he said.
 The show begins at 8 p.m. Sept. 25 at Studio 54.  Tickets are $25.

— By Richard Amery , L.A. Beat Editor
Last Updated ( Monday, 23 September 2013 14:42 )  
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