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The Deaner to do Lethbridge for Christmas

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Dean ‘ the Deaner ’Murdoch, the alter ego of Toronto actor Paul Spence, will be in Lethbridge at Studio 54, Dec. 7 to ‘give’r’ during the Deaner Does XMAS —  the first and best Christmas party of the season featuring Calgary rock band Shelbi and local acts to be announced.

The Deaner is the drunken, head banging bastard child of Canadian hoser kings Bob and Doug MacKenzie and Saturday Night Live metalheads Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World. He made his name as the star of Canadian cult movie classics FUBAR and FUBAR 2.The Deaner comes back to Lethbridge to celebrate Christmas a few days early, Dec. 7. Photo by Richard Amery

“November is too early for Christmas, but December — well, you’ll jingle and jangle until your t--s fall off,” promised the Deaner, never one to shy away from dropping an f-bomb in casual conversation.

 This time he won’t bringing his band Night Seeker, in which he plays bass and performs original music and classic metal like Iron Maiden Black Sabbath and AC DC plus original music.

“I couldn’t get hold of the band. Plus my guitarist got electrocuted in the forest where he was doing an experiment,” he said.
“ But it’s all right. He’s fine. It wasn’t his beer drinking hand. He’ll be ready to rock,” he said.

 “But it will just be me in Lethbridge this time. I’ll be the party leader. I’ll be singing with some bands there. We’ll shotgun some beers and I’ll be giving out free s--t.  I’ll be giving out some sweet VIP packages,” he said.

“If you’re a chick, the VIP package means you’ll be able to give me a massage,” he chuckled from his ‘office.’
“I just call it my office. It’s where I keep my book. It’s about wild animals,” he chuckled riffing on the animals in the book, about caribous and moose and cheering for the Rough Riders in  the Grey Cup.

“I had to cheer for the Riders. My old man is from Saskatchewan,” he said.

“And because the Tiger Cats beat The Stampeders and they’re my team, so I can’t cheer for a team that beat the Stampeders,” he said not mentioning The Riders beat the Stampeders in the previous round.

“ The Deaner will bring the Christmas party to the people,” he promised.

The Deaner and his buddy Terry actually wrote a book called, fittingly ‘Just Give’r.’
“People are always asking us how to ‘give’r, so we just sat down in a room with a guy and pounded some beers and wrote it. It’s long too. There’s 232 pages in it and lots of pictures. You can be entertained for a year with it if you’re slow reader like I am. Keep it in your bathroom like I do, you can read maybe a half a page a  day,” he said.
“It tells you how to give’r and how to pick up chicks,” he said.

 Even the Deaner knows his limits to make the party last well into the night and early into the morning.
“You have to know your strengths. For example, after three tequila shots, I’m breaking windows, so I won’t have tequila. Well maybe one shot of it. And if you’re drinking at a pre-party for a show like AC DC. You want to see the show so you have to be careful. But if I’m in some guy’s basement and I don’t have to go anywhere, then forget about it,” he laughed.

“ But I also know not to mix whiskey and Scotch. But if you do shots, you have to drink lots of water,” the Deaner advised.

He is focusing on his music career with his band Night Seeker and working on their first CD.

“We’re going to release it in 2014, then we’ll do a full tour on it,” he said.

 “We’re writing the next instant classic,” he enthused.

The Dener trying on a present from his female fans. Photo by Richard Amery
He has fond memories of his last, messy show in Lethbridge and is excited about returning.
“ It’s the birthplace of Pilsner. More people should know that,” he said.

“ People know how to party there. Last time chicks were throwing their bras on stage at me,” he reminisced, admitting, in a haze of Pilsner and heavy metal, he even tried a few of them on during the performance.

He said he doesn’t know his record for number of beers shotgunned.

“I think maybe eight or nine, but I can’t remember after that so it is probably 11 or 12. I try not to shotgun them all in a row,” he said.

 The Deaner does X-Mas begins at 9 p.m. Dec. 7 at Studio 54.
 There will be three dollar Pilsners and music from Shelbi plus bands to be announced. Tickets are $20 from Studio 54 and all Gas King locations.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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