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So You Want to Be A Singer? What’s the deal with real TV?

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American Idol, X Factor, America's Got Talent, The Voice. That's just the short list of reality talent competitions. You can have your favourite or you can grumble all you want about which one has been on network TV far too long and needs to be cut.

From a vocal coach' s point of view, The Voice is the standout, because of its format. It is one if the better produced reality singing competitions on TV. It doesn't go without its flaws, as with any other reality talent competition shows, it is highly edited and staged. However, because of it’s vocal coaching/ mentor - protégé format, a singer could really learn a lot from the judges.

If you watch The Voice, pay particular attention to advice about song choice and how to deliver song, presentation on stage and how to ‘sell yourself ’ to an audience. Treat the show the way you would treat a voice lesson in the comforts of your own home and you could actually learn a lot as an inspired performer.
Be aware these talent shows are highly staged and edited. I know from first hand experience.

Producers tell competitors how to dress, act, sing and speak. It's all part of the appeal of the show. For example, would you watch a reality TV show with a bunch of inarticulate, sloppily dressed goofy dudes who can't sing very well? Well, maybe you would, but you wouldn't take it very seriously.

Some of these shows really serve a purpose in modern day pop culture. The face of TV has changed. Everything is mass produced. The recording industry has changed even more. Sometimes raw talent really gets overlooked. Make up your own mind, of course but never deny who you are as an artist. The gift of voice and performing talent should never be taken for granted, but always worked on every day to get better and stronger. As a singer or musician, that is your job.
 Good luck and keep writing in to L.A. Beat  at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with more of your questions all you singers and performers out there.

Andrea Ceron.

— By Andrea Ceron, Special to L.A.  Beat
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