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Sidney York blend classical music with pop sensibilities

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Calgary based pop duo Sidney York aka opera singer/ French horn player/ keyboardist/ guitarist Brandi Sidoryk and bassoonist / vocalist/ keyboardist Krista Wodelet created catchy pop music with their classical training, Jan. 25 at the Slice.

 They had a good sized audience who danced and enjoyed the hot band’s blend of catchy pop hooks and some sexy energy as the girls jumped from side to side of the stage to switch instruments.

Sidney York’s Brandi Sidoryk andKrista Wodelet share a piano. Photo by Richard Amery

Sidoryk started the set wielding an electric guitar, so it looked like it was going to be a full blown rock and roll show, but they soon branched out.

The ‘hit’ portion of the night “Dick and Jane” came early in the show as red headed siren Brandi Sidoryk grabbed a ukulele and danced centre stage with Krista Wodelet as she played bassoon hooked up to an array of guitar effects.

 Sidoryk sang one of the most touching numbers of the night — one of many songs about break ups which they played.

Their band, including drummer Niko Friesen, bassist Shaun Huberts and guitarist Noah Walker, easily The Gay ’90s  opening for Sidney York. Photo by Richard Amerykept step with their set whether they played electro-pop music on a pair of keyboards, more straight ahead rock or more experimental folk music incorporating Sidoryk’s French horn and ukulele and Wodelet’s bassoon.

 In between songs and instrument change, the girls shared personal stories about break ups, spending time in emergency after a break up (Wodelet) and possibly dating drug dealers in Rocky Mountain House (Sidoryk.)

 They sang absolutely stunning vocal harmonies as they played infectious pop music that just made the audience want to move their feet.

 For a surprise, Vancouver rock/ pop band The Gay ’90s opened the show with an all too short set of catchyrock and roll along the lines of the Killers with just a touch of Blind Melon.

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