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Highkicks and Miesha and the Spanks show duos do it better and louder

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 It was all about volume and a touch of weirdness as dueling duos Miesha and the Spanks and Highkicks tore up Miesha and the Spanks and Highkicks sharing the stage. Photo by Richard Amerythe stage at Scores, May 9 for a respectably sized and enthusiastic audience, though not as many as I expected.

 Miesha and the Spanks did their own version of a Dudes song, which lead to Vacon laughing “Now this is how it’s supposed to be played.”

The audience was enjoying themselves. One got up on stage and shouted the lyrics along for one song and left the stage with one of the bands’ beers.

Vacon’s bass was heavily distorted and he displayed his powerful voice throughout.

 The duos — Miesha and the Spanks including guitarist/ vocalist Miesha Louie and drummer Emilia Lovink and Highkicks—  the Dudes’ Dan Vacon on bass and drummer Matt Doherty —  had a good natured competition taking turns playing their songs and each other’s songs as well as unusual covers.

 Vacon added extra bass to a couple of Miesha and the Spanks’ performances, while Lovink watched in admiration the blur of hands and feet that was Doherty. The Highkicks put their own twist on Celine Dion’s cover of Jennifer Rush’s  ’80s hit “The Power of Love.”

— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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