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Moka Only back at the Blarney

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With  over 40 albums to his credit including a  six  ‘Martian Christmas,’ CDs it is never a problem for Vancouver rapper Moka Only to choose a set list for a show, like his Jan. 15  show at the Blarney Stone with Sonreal.
“I change the set nightly. A lot of it is about sensing the mood of the audience,” Moka Only said from Vancouver.
Vancouver rapper Moka Only returns to the Blarney Stone, Jan. 15.“It is made when I walk into the room. Right when I walk into a room, I can  sense the mood of the audience,” he continued adding he doesn’t make a set according to whether the music will get them dancing.
“ There’s enough artists whose goal is to get people dancing. That’s not my thing. I’d rather they stand and listen to the beats,” continued Moka Only. He will be performing with the City Prophets, who he has worked with many times before.
“(Who he tours with) is always different. It’s whatever works and whoever is available,” he said adding other than a few gigs here and there, he is taking a break this year, sort of, by working on a new solo CD and a project with Booty Brown of the Pharcyde.
“ It’s  probably half done. It’s difficult when we live in two different cities. I’m in Vancouver and he’s in Los  Angeles,” he enthused.
“He’s flexible and open to new musical ideas. He’s  a legend. He’s contributed a lot to hip hop music,” he continued adding the toughest part of a long distance musical relationship is scheduling.
“Sometimes he might not be available by phone or e-mai and I’ll want to write right now,” he laughed adding he hopes the project will be completed in  mid Spring.
Moka Only  is no stranger to new musical ideas, his last ‘Martian  Christmas’ Cd had a strong jazz element to it.
“I have good relationships with a lot of jazz session players so I can always call them,” said Moka Only, who is a multi-instrumentalist.
“I’m no virtuoso but in the studio, with enough time  I can get it right,” he said adding he  is looking forward to the Lethbridge show.
“ I like it a lot. I like  catching up with the people I know from the area. Every show is different so  there is an element of surprise every night.”
— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor.
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