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Mike Edel explores cultural juxtaposition on India, Seattle

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Linden, Alberta raised, Victoria, B.C. based musician Mike Edel is excited to wind down his tour in support of his new album India, Seattle, in Lethbridge at the Slice, May 14.

Mike Edel returns to Lethbridge this week. photo submitted
 He is excited to show off two solid years of work which went into the CD, which has nothing to do with India or Seattle other than being an interesting juxtaposition of places and cultures.

“ I get asked about the title a lot. India is a very eastern culture  while Seattle is very western. They are polar opposites,” Edel said, getting ready to play a Canadian Music Week showcase in Toronto.

“ I play Seattle a lot. But I’ve never been to India. It really isn’t a hotbed of roots music as far as I know,” said Edel, getting ready to play a Canadian Music Week show in Toronto.

“It’s very universal. It’s also an abstract idea,” he said.
 He noted the new record, which was officially released on April 14, is getting great response already.

It’s been getting a great reception. It’s a really complete record. It definitely isn’t a flavour of the month or taste of the month. There are a lot of really great songs on it, which I think is why people are responding to it,” he said.

“ I’m pretty stoked about it,” he enthused.

 He noted the subject matter includes subjects like the break up of relationships  as well as the bonds of friendship. Some of the lines are pretty specific but also general enough so people can relate to  them,” he said adding he recorded 17 songs for the CD and trimmed them down to the dozen on the CD in including rerecording three of them  “Blue Above the Green,” “ East Shore West Shore” and “ Hell Exists.”

  I just didn’t like the sound of them, he said.

 He said he is in the middle of his favourite part of the CD release process- performing his songs for people.

 There’s the first part which is writing it, then the second, which is recording it which I really enjoy, then there is the third part supporting it. This is my favourite part of it — getting the songs out there and playing them for people. They take on a life of their own,” he said.
 He is excited to play Lethbridge again.

“ I have a lot of friends there. So I have a lot of new jokes, a lot of my Dad Larry’s jokes and lots of new songs,” he said. He also has a new band including lead guitarist Dave Zellinsky, drummer Jesse Boland and bassist Dave Arter — two thirds of whom play with tour mates Towers and Trees.

“ We’re playing the Slice this time so we’re excited about that,” he said adding he is also enjoying playing with the new band.
“ I have a rotating cast. But it’s good. The tour is going really well. We started  in Victoria. We’ve had a couple of sold out shows. We’re going to Lethbridge on our way back, so we’re going to be hot,” he said.
Mike Edel and Towers and Trees play the Slice, May 14 at 8 p.m.. There is a $10 cover for the show.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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