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Cecile Doo Kingue working on new musical trilogy in Kelowna

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Montreal based blues/ soul musician Cecile Doo- Kingue has taken a liking to Kelowna for her new trilogy of CDs.
 She returns to Lethbridge, to play the Slice, Aug. 6.

 She recently released “Anybody Listening Pt. 1 : Monologues, which is an acoustic interpretations of the songs. Part two will add more musical colours to the songs and a few new songs. Doo Kingue said Part Three will be the songs live, though she is still figuring out the logistics of it.Cecile Doo Kingue returns to Lethbridge, Aug. 6. Photo by Terry Hughes Images

“ I’m taking some time in between festivals to work on the new record,” said Doo-Kingue.

“I’m trying to figure out how to live in Kelowna,” she said, adding she has met some great people in Kelowna while working on “ Is Anybody Listening.”

She is excited about the new project.
“Part One is solo acoustic. It’s stripped down. It’s more singer-songwriter music. I write all my songs on acoustic guitar,” she said adding blues music was originally played acoustically.

“On part two, I’m starting to add more colours to the music,” she said.

“It will be more fleshed out,” she said adding she plans to release it in October.

“ Part three will be a communion. I want to see how change in a live show. I want to release it in 2017, but I am still trying to figure out the logistics,” she continued.

She noted her songs have a political and issue oriented edge to them.
“ There are a lot of social issues I wanted to address,” she said, adding  the songs on part 1 include racism, homophobia, poverty and sex.

Doo- Kingue and her family moved to Canada from Cameroon, so she has first hand experience with racism and not fitting in,  a couple of the themes she explores.

Third World Child is about moving to Canada from another country and experiencing racism.
 But isn’t all weighty, deep issues, she said other tracks are more uplifting.

“Life is beautiful. Sweet Talking Devil is  about adding light and opening your eyes to everything,” she said.
 “And Animal Kingdom is about exotic lust,” she added.
The effortlessly alternates between singing in French and English, but the song dictates what language she will sing in.
“I don’t think any of the songs  on Part 2 are in French. I let the songs  tell me,” she said.

 The new CD has received a lot of support from the likes of CBC as well as with overseas audiences in Europe, where she hopes to tour.
 Doo-Kingue has been enjoying a summer full of playing festivals across Canada.
“ I’ve got a lot of festivals. I played Hamilton and it was like 39 degrees and I have Canmore Folk Festival. There are lots of wonderful festivals,” she said.

“And I get to go home to play Montreal,” she enthused.

She is looking forward to sharing her music in Lethbridge with drummer Anthony Pageot and bassist Pierre Desmarias.

“I’m playing the Slice again and Jesse and Tyler always treat me like royalty. We’re just going to have a blast,” she said, adding she will be playing the new songs as well as songs from her last couple  of CDs.
 Cecile Doo Kingue plays the Slice, Aug. 6 at 9 p.m.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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