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White Cowbell Oklahoma back to tear up Lethbridge

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A pizza named after Toronto southern rock madmen White Cowbell Oklahoma, who play the Slice, Feb. 18, would feature triple meat, triple cheese and be served in a bowl with a pair of straps to wrap around your head like a horse’s feedbag according to Clem T Clemsen, the band’s frontman and one of their three guitarists. The pizza would also include a lot of bull.
“We want to stop by Brooks and set all of the cows free. We want to follow a herd of angry cows, when we come to Lethbridge in our dirigible,” said Clemsen recovering from a massive ‘magnificent’ drunken Superbowl night gig in Toronto.White Cowbell Oklahoma to set the night on fire, Feb. 18. Photo by Richard Amery
“We’re starting an Olympic tour of olympic magnitude in Lethbridge,” Clemsen said adding while the 10 year old band are not scheduled to play Vancouver during the Olympics at this time, discussions are in the works about setting some gigs up. There also discussions going on about potential gigs with the band Jet.
“We’re also going up to northern Alberta and we’re going to set fire to the tar sands and replaced them with a fuel formed by an extract made from White Cowbell Oklahoma’s testosterone,” he laughed.
They’ve been known to incorporate chainsaws to shred rolls of toilet paper and other power tools in between massive power chords, shrieking solos and setting various things on fire. In between the mayhem, they are a band that knows their way around a ’70s rock and roll hook along the lines of Aerosmith, Lynard Skynard with the showmanship of Kiss.
“There’s a good chance we’ll be doing something destructive. Cleaning staff everywhere have put a contract out on us. They really don’t like us. They have to do a lot of work. We’ll probably be setting something on fire,” Clemsen continued. In the past they’ve incorporated strippers into their show and attracted protesters a few years ago.
“But they were gone by the time we showed up. Maybe they’ll come back,”  reminisced Clemsen hopefully in a rare serious moment.
“Just because  you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.
During their last show at the Slice back a few months ago, they blew out the PA system.
“We played ‘Frankenstein’  from the new album ‘Bombardero.’ We weren’t going to but, we had no vocals. That won’t happen this time, we‘re bringing our own PA system which uses Tesla technology. We have scientists at our disposal and they’re working on it,” he said. They celebrate their tenth anniversary playing together this year. Clemsen said they are working on a  tour with Australian rock band Jet.
They are still touring on their latest  CD, Bombardero.
“I’ve been creating some new, magnificent material. But we’ll re-release our first out of print EP,” he said.
“The new music is  really freaky  extended freak outs — kraut-rock meets country music. That’s what the next album will be,” he deadpanned, adding he hopes lots of university and college students will come out to the show.
“I guarantee you will get laid. Everybody gets laid at a White Cowbell Oklahoma concert,” he said.
“I’m looking forward to playing Lethbridge again and playing Buck Hunter there,” he said.
— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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