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The Jolts amped to open for SNFU with new music

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The Jolts are ready to give Lethbridge punks a shock to their system when they open up for Canadian punk legends SNFU, Oct. 2 at The Moose Hall.The Jolts open for SNFU, Oct. 2 Photo by Sarah Whitlam
 The long standing Vancouver based punks released a new CD “No Paradoxes” before the summer and are excited to get on the road to support it
 The Lethbridge show is the only one with SNFU.

“I’m pretty excited about it.  We’re both doing tours which criss cross with each other and this was the only day that works, which is great because otherwise we’d just be sitting around on a Sunday,” said frontman/ guitarist Joey “Blitzkrieg”  Bingham, just getting home from his day job as a landscaper.

“I‘ve seen them lots of times in Vancouver, but I haven’t played on the same stage as them,” he continued adding SNFU aren’t an influence on him, though they have influenced his bandmates.

“ We’ll probably get 25 minutes or 30 minutes to play because there are a bunch of the bands on the bill. So we’ll probably play four new ones and at least one from everything we’ve recorded, which is a lot,” he said.
 The Jolts have been playing since 2004, though he is the lone original member of the band.
The new Cd  expands the band’s sound into a more rock and roll sound.
“These songs are the products of of songwriting sessions I had with the guitar player and the drummer. They weren’t jammed out, so they were the songs going through out heads at the time,” he said.
“It’s a different style than Jolts fans are used to , but they still fit in with the set especially when we amp them up and play them live,” he said.
 He is leased with the end result.

 Definitely. Producer Jesse Gander  did a great job and the guys playing on it are top notch, he continued.


The band includes lead guitarist Joshie, who used to play lead guitar in the band, drummer Dusty and new bassist Evan, who just joined the Jolts.
 If you are a science fiction fan, you may have heard the Jolts in a couple of series including continuum.

“ A  good friend of ours works for the Feldman agency and passed our CD “8 %” on to them. I think they used ‘Loudness’ in it and they also  used one of our songs in a s mini-series, though I can’t remember  what it was called. It’s pretty cool because we got paid to do it. Usually we’ll let friends use our songs in their projects. Getting them on TV in movies is the exception rather than the rule though,” he said.
“ For me I just love to play music. If people were’t listening, I’d be playing music  in my garage anyway,” he said, adding  his bandmates also playing several different bands too. He plays with several other Vancouver bands, though the Jolts is the only one that tours.
“ the Jolts are my baby,” he said.

“ So to actually be able to get in a van and tour and party with other bands and other people, that’s just perfect,” he continued, adding they would like to tour more.

 None of us can afford to just take off and tour, but we’re working on something on the east coast and Europe for next year, we‘ll see. I’d love to extend it for a couple of weeks, ” he said.
“I work for  a franchise and run my own crew, so I can set my own schedule,” he said.

“On this tour, we’re playing everywhere worth playing from Vancouver to Winnipeg.”
He noted  it has been several years  since they played Lethbridge.
“We played  a church of some sort and an illegal venue called the Ghost Fort about six or seven years ago. So it’s been a while,” he said.
Tickets for the Jolts, SNFU,Western Death and No more Moments,” cost $20 in advance from Blueprint or $25 at the door.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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