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Playgoers of Lethbridge serves wedding laughs with Always a Bridesmaid

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Playgoers of Lethbridge invites Lethbridge to several fabulous weddings, Oct. 18-22 where they will be serving up laughs and amazing costumes with their upcoming dinner theatre, Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten’s comedy “Always a Bridesmaid” at Country Kitchen.

Jocelyn Steinborn, Emily Frewin and Rita Peterson rehearse Always a Bridesmaid. Photo by Richard Amery
“It’s about  four women who promise to always be each other’s bridemaids. Only they don’t realize it is life long commitment,” summarized Jessica Meaker, who plays Kari, the daughter of one of the characters who is speaking at her own wedding and recalls the stories of each of these lifelong friends’ wedding adventures in this six woman production.

“She’s begins each scene speaking at her wedding,which sets the scene for one of the weddings the other four women are in,” said Meaker who is enjoying being part of her second production with Playgoers. She was in “Leading Ladies” last February.

“They‘re a really fun group to be part of. There are  a lot of laughs, for sure,” she said.

“And this just seemed to be a little bit different. It’s just a really funny show,” she  continued.
Playgoers of Lethbridge president Elaine Jagielski returns to the stage as Sedalia in “Always A Bridesmaid,” after taking a some time away from the stage.

“She’s the owner of Laurelton, the establishment where all of these weddings take place. She’s the gregarious, energetic Virginian hostess and life force,” Jagielski described.

“She doesn’t take any nonsense and wants everything to go without a hitch,” she continued, adding that creates hilarious conflict between her and other characters including Charlie, played by Emily Frewin. There are several familiar faces in the cast including Shelley David as  Monette, Rita Peterson as Deedra and newcomer Jocelyn Steinborn who is commuting from Taber to be part of Always a Bridesmaid as Libby Ruth.

“ She has created some issues which created a fiasco which is a no no at Laurelton,” she said.

“It’s a fun play and a great cast, she said.


“My favourite part is probably the whole cast and watching the process,” she continued.

“There will be great cast and great food,” she promised.

 Director Lee Prindle, who directed Playgoers’ 2014 production of  the Dixie Swim Club, which he first saw  in Mesa, Arizona, where he spends the winter, was eager to stage another play by the same playwrights.
“The Dixie Swim Club is a wonderful play, so I found another one by the same authors. Some of them wrote for the Golden Girls,” Prindle said.

Elaine Jagielski, Jocelyn Steinborn, Shelley David and Rita Peterson rehearse a scene from Always a Bridesmaid. Photo  by Richard Amery
“Playgoers are always looking for directors, so I brought this play to them. This is more fun,” he continued, adding while “Dixie Swim Club”  had some sadder, darker moments, “Always a Bridesmaid,“ is flat out funny.”
Costuming has been a challenge creating all of these bridesmaid dresses,” he said adding he is very pleased by how good the costumes look.

 For something a little different, the audience is part of the show.
“ The audience are the wedding guests, so Jessica is up on stage before each scene speaking to them in a wedding toast. It’s excellent,” he said, adding  it is a clean play. There is no adultery or racy moments.
“And Jocelyn is new. She teaches in Taber, so she is coming into town each day. So we try to be done as early as possible so she can be home early,” he said, praising his cast and crew.

“If you have a good script and a good cast, what else do  you need? I have a great costume mistress, Jamie Johnson and a good stage manager, so  I don’t have to do a thing, just sit back and watch,” he said.
“ I think  this is a good show if you like to laugh and if people like comedies,” he said.
 “Always A Bridesmaid” runs at the Country Kitchen Oct. 18-22. Cocktails start at 6 p.m.. The dinner of chicken cordon-bleu and pumpkin cheesecake begins at 6:30 with the play to follow.  Tickets are available at Casa for $57.

 A version of this story appears in the Oct. 12,2016 edition of the Lethbridge Sun Times
— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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