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Napalmpom ready to rock and roll again

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Calgary rock band Napalmpom are unashamedly fans of ’70s rock and roll.So they are excited to play music off their upcoming album “ the Core Competencies of Napalmpom” when they return to Lethbridge to play Pulse, Nov. 10 with fellow Calgarians Cowpuncher and a new local band A Trozzo and the Electric Few.Expect  a lot of guitar with Napalmpom this week. Photo by Richard Amery
“ The last time were were there was for the Electric Eye Music Festival in May. I remember it being a really good party, though Physical Copies from Edmonton were a tough act to follow. They are like Devo, the Talking Heads and Sparks all mixed up together. But it was really fun,” said guitarist Shawn Petsche.

 the band is always joking which comes through in their infectious live show, not to mention Facebook posts, which included a joke that  they were nominated  for a  Polaris Prize.
“Actually the last album ‘ The Unconditional Love of Napalmpom’  did made the long list. Though I don’t think any band that plays guitar solos has ever won a Polaris Prize,” Petsche laughed.
“ But the next one is a lock,” he chuckled.

“It’s in the can. It’s been mixed and mastered and sent off. We won’t have it there though we will be playing a lot of songs from it,” he continued.

“We could have just put together a bunch of guitar solos and and riffs and did it completely, but we took our time. We’ve been playing together a long time and it shows how much better we’ve become at writing songs together,” he said.
“ I think it’s a little catchier than the last album. I think it’s a better album personally, until we release it and people tell us we’ve gone in the wrong direction,” he deadpanned.

“I think it’s more exciting for us than anyone.We’re relearning new songs and getting them as tight as songs we’ve been playing for the last three years,” he said, adding he expects the album to be released in February.

“We’ve played a few of the songs live. But unless people have seen us a bunch, it will sound completely new to everybody,” he said.
 Guitar solos have become somewhat of a lost art, so Napalmpom are glad to bring them back.

“ We grew up listening to bands like AC DC and the MC5 and Kiss and newer bands like Tricky Woo who were already playing ’70s rock. So when we went into the basement and turned our amps up for the first time, this is what came out. We wanted to write songs that would stand with the best of those while questioning some of the more questionable parts of that era,” he said.


 They have been staying close to home working on the new album, but will hit the road when it is released in February.
“And during the summer we’ll book a longer tour,” he said.

“ We’ve actually been writing songs for the next next album, our third as the new one has been done for a while.”

 Their last release was a split 12 inch with Toronto ’70s rockers Public Animal featuring Ian Blurton of C’mon and Eric Larock of Tricky Woo.
 “ They actually played the first rock show I ever snuck into. They totally changed my world view. They are the reason I do anything in music,” he said adding Blurton also helped record a special guest vocalist  for the new CD.
“Ian did a  secret recording of a special guest It’s Caitlin (Dacey) from Public Animal. We sent the song to him in his Toronto studio and he recorded Caitlin, who took the song in a direction we never imagined. It’s our favourite song on the album and  why they have a special place in our hearts,” he enthused.

 They are fans of weird Youtube videos,  including a ’90s  anti-smoking PSA which they posted on their Facebook page.

“There was a super huge music show in Winnipeg hosted by Johnny Sizzle, I think. And the music behind it is  basically a rip off of Thin Lizzy. We may cover it some day, but we’re just fans of weird Youtube videos,” he said.
“ We’ll be showing off the new music. there will be guitar  heroics and guitar solos and guitarmonies. So hopefully people will get their 10 bucks worth or whatever the show is,” he enthused.
 Napalmpom, Cowpuncher and  A Trozzo and the Electric Few play Pulse, Nov. 10 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $15 in advance from Blueprint.


— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 08 November 2016 10:13 )  
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