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Tallest to Shortest bringing new music to Lethbridge after recovering from accident

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Edmonton rock and roll trio Tallest to Shortest hope they will overcome a run of bad luck when it comes to Lethbridge shows when they return to the Slice, Friday, Jan. 27 with Queen of the Worms.Tallest to Shortest return to Lethbridge this week. Photo by Richard Amery
 Their last show  was scheduled for January, but didn’t happen due to scheduling issues then a serious car accident en route to a show in Waterton in May, meant they had to cancel that show as well as a scheduled Lethbridge show. Fortunately nobody was seriously injured.

“It was a beautiful sunny day, and we were driving up a steep hill and we didn’t see the guy in front of us driving slowly, so we had to spend the day in the hospital in Fort Macleod,” related guitarist Sean Brewer, who along with bassist Mark Feduk and drummer Cory Motz, make up Tallest to Shortest.

“Thank God or the gods for airbags. We weren’t seriously hurt. We all had different injuries. They guys were in the front seat and they had glass all over them. Mark’s glasses were pushed into his face. And I was in the back seat. I had a lot of bruising on my chest from the seatbelt,” he said.

“ Even our gear wasn’t damaged. I think we had to spend $150 to repair a drum,” he said.
“ But it’s law of averages, we’ve driven thousands of kilometres  on tour, so I guess it was just a matter of time. We were lucky. And the other guy wasn’t injured either. We should call Dodge Caravan and ask them to sponsor us” Brewer said, adding they took a few months to recover, but they got right back to work making music.
They have been busy since then, writing songs and playing a lot of shows in southern B.C.
“If you have to hang out some place, it may as well be southern B.C. And our manager is from Kelowna, so it is more convenient for him when we play there,” Brewer said.

They have a been writing a lot of new music, but are taking a different direction.


“ It’s not as goofy,” said Brewer, noting the band has traditionally worn their quirky sense of humour on its sleeve with songs like “ Tomato Potato,”  “Revenge lay” and “Rich people Don’t Smoke.“
“It’s more straight ahead fun. They’re more serious and not just goofy,” he said, noting they recorded  their new music with  their friend Steve Ducharme.

“ He had a new studio and he wanted to try it out with a band,” Brewer said, noting their last record was three years ago.

Brewer noted Tallest to Shortest  will do a double release of the new album including a digital release in April or May and another release when the actual  hard copies are completed.
In addition to a slightly more serious tone, they are also  experimenting with their sound.

“There is more funk in the songs. And there are more synths on the new recordings but that’s not to say we’re a disco band now,” he said.

  They plan on playing some new songs in Lethbridge.
“We have four or five new songs, maybe a sixth because we‘re jamming on the weekend,” he said.
They are excited to finally return to Lethbridge
“We’re happy the Slice has reopened. We used to play there a lot with Taylor Ackerman and Toques and Beards,” Brewer said.

 Tallest to Shortest play the Slice with Queen of the Worms, Jan. 27. There is a $10 cover.


Unfortunately Tallest to Shortest won’t be able to play this show owing to illness announced Friday.

— By Richard Amery, L.A Beat Editor
Last Updated ( Friday, 27 January 2017 11:27 )  
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