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Elise Roller shows heavier edge with Solhounds

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Elise Roller explores her heavier side with a new musical projects the Sollhounds, which comes to the Owl Acoustic Lounge, March 30.

Elise Roller is excited to return to Lethbridge with the Solhounds. Photo by Richard Amery
 Roller, who was last in Lethbridge as vocalist/ keyboardist and sometimes guitarist of popular Calgary pop rock band Go For the Eyes, is excited to  sing with the Solhounds.

“ I’m not playing any instruments in this band. I can just focus on singing, which is great because performers tend to hide behind their instruments,” she observed from her new home in Winnipeg, where she has been living for the past four years.

“I hit the Winnipeg groove about two years ago. And I actually love it. They have actual seasons here, Spring , Summer, Fall, Winter, instead of a different season every day,” she giggled.
 She is excited to be part of the Solhounds.

“I met drummer Ian (Clements) at a show and started talking to him. We were friends on Facebook, but didn’t really know each other. Then I saw they were looking for a new lead singer. They had a male singer before and I really needed a new musical outlet so I asked if I could try out. And we meshed so well musically and personally, so it was very organic,” she said.

“It is definitely a lot heavier than Go For the Eyes. We call ourselves metal grunge. We get compared to Clutch and I still get the Janis Joplin comparison,” she continued.

“I’ve even been compared to Axl Rose  which is strange because I’m a female,” she said.


“It’s a very different sound,” she said adding the band also welcomes her ideas to the band.

“Songwriting is a very collaborative effort,” she added.

“Morgan (Davis) our bassist (guitarist Andrew Bontey completes the band) asked me to write a song about Elizabeth Bathory, who was this crazy serial killer 400 years ago. So it’s amazing to have a band that gets me to think a little bit out of the box as a lyricist,” she said.
 She is excited to return to Lethbridge.

“It’s going to be very loud, so bring your earplugs,” she said.

“We want to get  into the groove. We’ve got a good following in Winnipeg, so we want to start touring and come back every three or four months,” she continued.
“And for this show Jeff Turner, who was the other singer in Go For the Eyes, has a new project. So there will be two Go for the Eyes projects  performing. So I’m pretty excited about that,” she said.
“This will be the best thing happening on  a Thursday, so I hope people will come to the show,” she said.

The show begins at 9 p.m. Admission is by donation.

— By Richard Amery, L.a.beat Editor
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