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Weber Brothers band exploring film and books and reunite with old friends

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 The stars continue to align for Peterborough based rock band the Weber Brothers band who are always up for a new creative venture.The Weber Brothers band return to Lethbridge, Sept.11. Photo by Richard Amery
 It has been several years since they played  Lethbridge, but  they have been far from idle.

“We just put out an adult colouring book for one of our songs ‘The Last Days of the Broken Hearted Jester’ , we had a documentary done about us and we put out a Christmas movie in which we all acted for the first time. So we have three weird things we’ve been doing,” related upright bassist/vocalist Ryan Weber, who returns to the Slice, Sept. 11 with brother and guitarist Sam Weber, keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist Rico Browne and guitarist Emily Burgess, who is a well known solo artist her own right who used to play with the 24th street Wailers and who has a new solo album due out in November.

 Long-time drummer Emmet “Corndog” Van Etten, who relocated to Edmonton and has been playing with the Boogie Patrol will also be joining the band on this 10 date Alberta and Ontario tour.
“ Oh, and we also got to re-record “Me and Bobby McGee’ with Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Gordon Lightfoot and Ronnie Hawkins, ” Weber noted.
“ And that was another case where the stars just seemed to align.”

“We‘re a hard working band,”Weber understated, adding they are looking forward to returning to Lethbridge.
 The Weber Brothers band spent their early career touring with and working Ronnie Hawkins.

They released their last studio CD “We” in 2014 in addition to working on all of these other projects.
The documentary, “Before We Arrive,” arrived naturally.
“Our early manager Michael Bates filmed everything for like six or seven years from our early days up to about 2007 going back to playing with Ronnie Hawkins. Director Rob Viscardis wanted to tell our story and shot a little more footage. We didn’t tell him how to do his job because  it’s not our area of expertise, so we had to wait to see it with everybody else. I think it looks great,” Weber enthused.

“For the Christmas album, every year we used to record a couple of Christmas songs every year and sent them to friends and family. Before we knew it we had enough for an album. But we wanted to do something cool with ii to release them, so we wrote a play with the six of us in it as characters including (former band mate and slam poet) DJ Prufrock Shadowruunner. We performed it in Peterborough and released the CD,” he continued it.

“ Then we adapted it for a film,” added Rico Browne.

The stars similarly aligned for their new adult colouring book, inspired by one of their more epic length songs ‘The Last Days of the Broken hearted Jester.’  Weber noted they were looking for other creative way to get their music out there and thought they would draw inspiration from that song.

“We got our friend Sheldon Sveinson from Northern Ontario to do something with it. He’s a great artist, so we told him to just go for it and thought he’d just do a painting, but instead he decided to do a colouring book with each verse being a page and there are a lot of verses in the song. So he really surprised us,” Weber added.

“ I think the last time we were in Lethbridge was my first tour with them,” recalled Rico Browne. To the line-up is a little different. We‘ve reconnected with ’Corndog’ for this tour and Emily Burgess is  with us now,” he continued.

“She’ usually well behaved. She has a good attitude most of the time,” Weber chuckled, adding her guitar prowess allows the band to  experiment with  a dual and sometimes triple guitar attack.
“ We enjoy having her in the band. She’s been with us for about three years now,” Browne added.

“ She has a new solo CD coming out in November, we may let her play some of it if she’s well behaved,” Weber laughed.
“ And it’s always good to see ‘Corndog’ He usually has a good attitude too. He always has ideas,” Weber laughed.

Working with Kris Kristofferson, willie nelson, Gordon lightfoot and Ronnie Hawkins on the reworked “Me and Bobby McGee.” which they did in the spring.

“ Of course we were a little starstruck. They’re everybody’s idols. So just to be there watching that happen was an amazing experience let alone being part of it, Weber enthused, adding Hawkins has slowed down his touring schedule.
“He wants to do recording. And he lays a few times a year. He’ll usually call us, Weber said.

 In addition to their usual extensive touring, they are working on their next album.
“We‘re always writing new songs, so we’ll be playing some of them,” Weber said.
“ Lethbridge is always fun. I remember the pizza being very really good. It’s always a great time. We‘re looking forward to seeing old friends,“ Weber added.
“It’s going to be a beautiful night. It’s going to be fun. You’ll hear new stuff and old stuff from the new album,” he said.
 The Weber brothers play the Slice, Sept 11 at approximately 9 p.m. Tickets are $15.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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