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Tom Savage examines life and death and rock and roll in new music

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Kingston singer songwriter Tom Savage is excited to be back in Lethbridge next Friday, Sept. 15 at the Slice.Tom Savage returns to Lethbridge this week. Photo submitted
“ I’ve ’m still doing 200 gigs a year. I’ve played everywhere but Lethbridge, I’ve played, Butte, Calgary, Nanton. I just go where the gigs go,” he said,” taking a break from the road in Ignace in northern Ontario.
His new CD “Everything Intertwined” comes out on Oct. 3 and just released a video for the upbeat new single “Burnt by the Sun.”
 He last played Lethbridge in 2014.

“The last Cd was acoustic. This one is more electric, it’s pop rock, folk rock, blues rock, rock rock. It’s definitely not country.  I don’t really know how to describe it,” he said.
“I let the songs tell me what is needed. This CD has a more existential bent. I’m just thinking that way as a middle aged rock star guy,” Savage chuckled.


“The first three songs are about life and death, then there is a heartbreak section, and back to life and death. My drummer calls it thought rock. But it’s disguised by  big beats. So it won’t get you depressed,” he continued.

He recorded the CD with Rhodes/Hammond organist Tony Silvestri, drummer Bonz Bowering and bassist Seamus Cowan.
“We punched it out live off the floor in the spring and have been mixing it since then,” Savage said, adding a Gofundme campaign is helping cover costs of recording and promotion expenses.

Savage is touring on his own, though he has been working on  the live sound so it sounds bigger than one man with a guitar.


“I’ve got an acoustic guitar through a PA and split the signal so it also goes  to an amp. And I’ve got bass sound going through a subwoofer. It’s a huge sound. I’ve been working on it for a while,” he said.

 He has been playing a lot of American dates.
“I got my American work visa. I played more America than I did in Canada in the first part of the year. And when the dollar was down, I was actually making more money,” he said, adding he played a lot of shows in South Carolina and Florida for one tour and all over Massachusetts.

“I live in Kingston, so the border is really close, so I also played a lot in upper New York state,” he said adding playing American dates are interesting.

“It’s interesting with Trump. People  don’t really approach you and talk about their opinions  on the issues. Until they found out I was Canadian and then they opened up more,” he said, adding audiences  were pretty supportive of his music.
“ In New England they’re pretty reserved and more conservative, though not politically. Down south they whoop and holler, which I love,” he said.
 Tom Savage and Roberts Hall play the Slice, Friday, Sept. 15 at around 9 p.m.

— By Richard Amery, L.a. Beat Editor
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