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Audio/Rocketry’s Joe Vickers bringing wife and dog along on solo tour

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Joe Vickers shows another side when he returns to Lethbridge to play the Slice, Wednesday, Nov. 22 with Steven Foord.

Joe Vickers plays the Slice, Nov. 22. Photo submitted
 Vickers, who is one fourth of Edmonton based folk/punk band Audio/Rocketry, is touring in support of his new EP “Wood Burning Stove.”
 Vickers is enjoying a laid back tour of B.C. before he returns to Lethbridge.

“It’s just my wife and my dog,” but I’m playing solo, unless I teach my dog to play bass in then he’ll be a real live, sub-woofer,” chuckled Vickers, enjoying a couple days off in Nelson.
“It’s been great, because I have to wake up early to take my dog for a walk, so I’m getting to see new places and see different places I’ve been before from a different perspective, because I’m exploring the countryside and looking for dog parks,” Vickers continued.

“It’ so easy to sleep in and just get in the van and go to the next gig, but you spend a lot of time indoors,” he added, noting he has been enjoying the more relaxed pace of touring.
“ It’s new and exciting for me.”

 The set varies from night to night depending  on the night and the audience.

“I have a set list and have a lot of things to draw from. So I’ve been playing the new EP and some Audio/Rocketry songs and some songs that haven∏t been released yet. But I can sense  the vibe of an audience, and change the set list on the fly,“ he said.

 The new EP is only available online, however, Vickers plans to release more music in the new year.

“I have five other songs recorded that go together with these songs, so I may release them in March as a full length album or as individual EPs. I’ve been getting a lot of good feedback from these songs,” he said.
 Audio/ Rocketry still plays, however the band members  are involved with other bands and life events.

“One of them went back to school and another one just had a baby boy. And I don’t live in Edmonton anymore, so it is difficult to get together, though that’s always the way the band has been — we get together for weekends,” said Vickers who is a grain farmer outside of Drumheller.

Politics and society and religion inspired the lyrics of the new EP.

“There a lot about society. It isn’t a really political album, but there is some politics. I’ve been spending a  lot of time in Portland, where my wife is studying and there is a real contrast of a really liberal attitudes and the contrast of coming back to Alberta,” he said.

“‘Bible Belt’ is about religion and not accepting people and allowing them to live their lives. As long as they don’t hurt anybody,” he continued.
“A lot of the love and empathy and compassion seems to be lost,” he observed.

“I don’t have a problem with people who have religious beliefs unless it cause problems with people,” he said.

“But I won’t solve problems with my music, but maybe it will get people to start talking and addressing the situation and point people in the right direction,” he said.
 Steve Foord and Joe Vickers’s show begins at 8 p.m.

— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
Last Updated ( Sunday, 19 November 2017 23:24 )  
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