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Daniel Romano brings punk project Ancient Shapes to Lethbridge this week

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  • There is no dust on versatile  Welland, Ontario based musician Daniel Romano.

 Though it is only January he has already released four albums, including three country albums and ”Rats Forever” the sophomore album for his power pop/punk project “Ancient Shapes,” which he brings to the Owl Acoustic Lounge, Sunday, Jan. 28 to play with Edmonton’s Wares and local alternative rock project Ghost Woman.

“I think it’s four albums,” said Romano from Calgary where he is touring out west to Victoria with the country band, before returning east to Montreal with the punk band Ancient Shapes  which, other than Kay Berkel, is a completely different line-up including Nat Case, Hamilton musician David Nardi and Kev Bell.

 He is also part of an art show in Clagary with photographer Seb Buzzalino, featuring Romanos grpoahic design work.

“ I’ve been making art as long as I've been making music. I design my own album covers,” he said, adding he is excited to bring the punk band on tour.

“Ancient Shapes is a completely different band. It is a power pop/ punk  band. We’re going cross Canada for 15 shows,” he said.

 Ancient Shapes is a bit of a throwback to the beginning of his career, when he was part of punk band Attack in Black.

He is pleased with the new EP.
“The first EP is only about 15 minutes long, the second is 23 minutes long. The new one is faster and louder. The biggest difference is for  Ancient Shapes, I sit down and record the drums first and write the songs on top of the drums. I talk about topics like flowers and love and flowers,” he quipped.

 He noted the Ancient Shapes show will be just the punk band, so don’t expect to hear any of the country songs.


“The set is only 23 minutes. It will be just power pop and punk. Otherwise, if I played any more than that, I’ll probably die. Though I might have my stamina up by then,” he said, noting the Lethbridge show will be five shows into the tour.
He jumps between genres and styles with ease.

“I don’t like to think of making music in terms of genre, I think of it in terms of songs. I listen to them and I feel out the songs and follow where they lead me,” he said.

 Sometimes they lead to movie stars like Rachel McAdams, who he convinced the sing “Toulouse” on the 2016 album “Mosey.”
“She has been a friend for a long time. She was tailor made for the character and did a great job. She’d never done anything like it before,” he said.
It has been a few years since he last played Lethbridge.
“It’s been about four or five years. I don’t think the punk band even existed the last time we played Lethbridge,” he said.
Daniel Romano and Ancient Shapes play the Owl Acoustic Lounge, Jan. 28 with Wares and Ghost Woman.

— by Richard Amery, L.A. beat Editor
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