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One Bad Son promise OBS greatest hits set to open for Shinedown

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Saskatoon born rockers One Bad Son  are excited to be playing arenas again.One Bad Son will pack a whole lot of hits into their set opening for Shinedown this week. photo by Richard Amery
“We‘ve done it twice before, opening for Def Leppard and later that year for Judas Priest though it was only for a couple of shows. But we got to meet Rob Halford, which very cool,” recalled One Bad Son drummer Kurt Dahl, who is excited share a stage with Shinedown, In This Moment and 10 Years at the Enmax Centre, Wednesday, April 4.

“We have a half hour so it will be  an OBS greatest hits package. We’re playing for a lot of people who may not have heard us before, so it is not the time to dig deep. We play for a half hour and we’re done,” said Dahl, noting the new single “Hurricane” from their latest CD “ Made in the Name of Rock And Roll” is doing very well, charting at 19.

“The last single ‘Raging Bull’ made it to number one, so we hope this one will do just as well.
Hurricane is their ninth top 20 hit, so they have a lot to pack into their half hour. “Scream For Me,” was the first single off the CD.

 They enjoy playing arenas when they get the opportunity.

“ It’s a pretty cool opportunity. You don’t have sweaty audience members right in front of you, which can be really inspiring, but you also don’t have people running around knocking over the cymbals,“ he chuckled.
“Our songs are written with arenas in mind, even when we‘re playing clubs. They sound big,” he said.

He is pleased with the early success of ‘Hurricane,“ which was just released a few weeks ago.
“ It’s one of our heavier songs. But it’s getting played all over the country and people are digging it,” he said, adding sometimes the band gets to choose the singles other times management does regardless it is still a rush  when they do well.

“Some bands have a hit right away, for us, it took 13 years. It‘s been a lot of work,s o we really appreciate the people who dig it,” he said.

 The band was living in Vancouver for a few years but most of them relocated back home to Saskatoon.

“ Shane (Volk, vocalist) lives in Calgary, but the rest of us are in Saskatoon.  I have a two year old daughter and another on the way, so I like to be at home as much as possible,” he said.

 “ We love Lethbridge. We really can’t wait to be there again. Lethbridge has always been really supportive of us,” he said.
 Tickets for the show are $58. It begins at  7:30 p.m.


— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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