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Forbidden Dimension play music for rock lovers

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Henotic showed it’s contrasts,  April 16, with several Calgary rock bands including the Von Zippers and Forbidden Forbidden Dimension guitarist Jackson Phibes. Photo by Richard AmeryDimension playing in the GCBC Lounge for approximately 40 people. They were jumping up and down in front of the stage. The Von Zippers had a strong early ’70s New York Dolls garage rock/ punk energetic feel to their set.
Forbidden Dimension’s shows have been the stuff of Calgary legend for many years, so I was looking forward to  this one a lot.

The trio played rock and roll for everyone combining elements of punk, metal, southern rock and blues. The longstanding Calgary trio was a tour de force of energy and a blur of crazy  guitar playing and impressive rock vocals.

They weren’t even perturbed by people running off with the mic stand or singing along into the mic with them.

There was something for everyone in their music — bikers, classic rockers,  metal heads, bluesphiles and people who weren’t paying attention at all who just wanted something they could move to.

Jackson Phibes’ guitar solos had elements of everything from Van Halen style metal to ZZ Top-style pinch harmonics in them.  He even looked a little like ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons except with a shorter beard.

They had a catchy, foot stomping beat and addictive lyrics. It was excellent and they looked ready to play through the night.
 Downstairs, though, all of about five people enjoyed something quite a bit mellower — Raghu Lokanathan with Matt Robinson. They were more of a folk orientated three piece featuring banjo and a  couple guitars.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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