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Casa features costume themed art in new exhibits

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CASA  celebrates the body with a new exhibit combining the talents of guest curators  Jorge Sandoval and Brenda Brandley in their new exhibition “Mapping the Body: Wearing the Other” which opens tonight, SaBrenda Brandley with one of the Mapping the Body pieces which has been in all three exhibits. Photo by Richard Ameryturday, Nov. 3 at Casa.
“Mapping the Body is the third iteration of  a continuously evolving project combining  the efforts of students, and faculty of the Lethbridge College Fashion Design and Sustainable Production department and the University of Lethbridge drama department.

“It is the culmination of a three year project,” said Brenda Brandley, Lethbridge College lead instructor, fashion design and  sustainability.

The 20 works in the  were created through a variety of mediums using found items like plastic bags, textiles, digital photography and computer graphics.
The first exhibit was two years ago at the Penny Gallery downtown and at Lethbridge College the next year.
“ There are 20 different artists involved in this  exhibit. there were 40 at the beginning. Some of these pieces were in the last one and some of have been in all three. They‘ve evolved a lot since then,” Brandley observed.

“So it‘s been a really interesting process to be involved in,” she said.

“We wanted people to get a chance to express themselves and think about sustainability and to be able to visualize the body in their own way,” she continued.
“ I’m really passionate about sustainability,” she said.

“The artists get a different perspective seeing their work in an art gallery than on stage where they would be used to seeing it,” she added.
“ Brenda and I have been working on this for the past three years. We’ve created something really different” said Jorge Sandoval, adjunct professor in the University of Lethbridge theatre department.

“We have a lot of really talented people here. It’s been really fulfilling to see their work in a gallery,” he said.

“ The artists are students, alumni and members of the faculty,” Sandoival said.
“These are the artists method of expression,” he said.

Several other exhibits open tonight. the Passage Gallery features “ The Adventures of Red Thunderbird Woman, created by emerging artist Kylie Fineday  which explores Cree identity through costuming and place.
The Lethbridge Arts Club has a thematic  group exhibition  ‘Moody Blues.’ in the second floor Concourse GalleryIn In the first Concourse Showcase, Halli Lilburn presents a suite of assemblages entitled “Collections and Curiosity.”In Woodworker Roger McMullin is displaying sculptures in the second Concourse Showcase. And in Casa’s Digital Galleries, features local photographer Perry Mirkovich’s of photographs suite called “Restless Spirit.”
The opening reception is  7-9 p.m. at Casa. They exhibits run Nov. 30- Dec. 21.

— by Richard Amery, L.a. Beat Editor
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