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Adyn Townes’ life changing brush with death inspires new sound and new name

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New Brunswick / Montreal/ Charlottetown based singer Aydn  Townes had a brush with dAdyn Townes returns to Lethbridge, April 3. Photo by Scott Blackburn  Ginger Snap Photographyeath a few years ago, when he  saved his cameraman from falling on the rocks during a video shoot and ended up falling on the rocks himself.

That lead to a reevaluation of his life, not to mention a style change and a name change from Andy Brown, which he recorded three albums under.
“ I tore my rotator cuff and couldn’t even hold an  acoustic guitar, so I started playing more electric guitar,”  said Townes, who plays the Slice, Wednesday, April 3 with Poor Nameless Boy aka Regina’s Joel Henderson and Tyson Ray Borsboom.

“And I was thinking of changing my name anyway because Andy Brown it’s like the fourth most common name in Canada. And Adyn is just Andy with the letters rearranged” he said, adding he spent a couple years recovering from his injury and re-evaluating his life.

“I’m at about 90 per cent now. I’m holding an acoustic guitar now, as we speak,” he said.

 He just finished another tour of  Australia with lead guitarist Bruce Rooney.
“ With my injury I  only went to place that were easy to get to,” he said.

He released a new more rock and roll album,  “After the Fall” last July, which reflects, not only the fall itself, but his new positive outlook on life. It was nominated East Coast Music Award  for best pop recording of the year for 2019.

“Before the Fall I had a more negative outlook as a folk singer, like it’s too hot, too cold, the drive is too long. But now, it’s really a lot more fun. I’m just thankful I get to play music every night,” he said.

He recorded it with Paper Lions’ Colin Buchanan, which helped enhance the positive feel.

 He has already started recording his next CD with the single “Old Sun,” to be released April 5.

“It allowed me to get a lot of feelings out. It will be released  in the middle of this tour. So I’ll be playing it, and about 60 per cent of the new CD and a few from the other three CDs, he said.

— By Richard Amery, L.a. Beat Editor
Last Updated ( Friday, 05 April 2019 15:53 )  
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