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Abbotsford experimental band “Blessed” to release debut CD

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Abbotsford based experimental rock/post punk band Blessed are excited to release their debut full length album “Salt,” which was released, April 5. Since forming in 2015, they have released two EPS and and a single on Buzz Records.

Today is a good day to call,” said guitarist/vocalist Drew Reikman, who is glad the CD is finally out.Blessed play Lethbridge on Wednesday, April 10. Photo by Jaimi Wainright

“We booked three weeks to record it in 2016 with producer Jace Lasek from Montreal band the Besnard Lakes.
And then we sat on it for a year while we decided how to release it as most people listen to music through streaming. We eventually decided to release it independently,” Riekman said. He and band mates Mitchell Trainor, Reuben Houweling, Jake Holmes and Matt McKeen play Theoretically Brewing, Wednesday, April 10 for the Bummer Club’s video release party with special guests Cosmo Duff.
He noted they have always used outside engineers and producers.

“ It’s important to have the sixth member of the band, who is there when arguments happen,  to that this isn’t worth  arguing abut and this is where you should be focusing,” he said, adding the band is a democracy, so there are always a lot of ideas being explored.
“ And we really like Jace’s work in Besnard Lakes and on all his other projects like Suuns and Wolf Parade, so just to have him as that guy was amazing,” he said.

 They decided to get away to Montreal to fully immerse themselves in the recording and experimental process.
“It had a different feel and a different dynamic in Montreal than when you’re a recording at home and sleeping in your own bed and hanging out at your own haunts, it’s easy to get distracted. But everything was different in Montreal. We worked in the studio, slept there and started working again,” he said, adding the band had the songs worked out before they recording them.

“ We didn’t have the luxury or the budget of writing in the studio, so we came in prepared,” he said, adding the CD shows a musical evolution since they started.

“There’s a full on electronica song on this album, but there were electronica elements on the last EP as well, so you can see the natural evolution,” he continued, adding the CD shows a lot of  different influences including a strong ’80s new wave sound.
“We love’80s music, but we also like  a lot of modern 2019 pop so that’s also on the CD so hopefully all of that comes through on the CD. We increased our experimentation,” he said.

He couldn’t pinpoint one specific thing they enjoyed the most about working with Jace Lasek.

“He’s been doing this for a lot of years, so if we told him we were looking for a specific sound, he would help get us  there,” he said.
They have a busy year ahead of them, including this long tour which takes them through most of the United States, and back in time to play Sled island on June 22. They are also planning their first European tour in the Fall, though nothing has been finalized yet. But first they are going down south.

“ We’re playing all the States except for about eight. We’ve played about 100 shows there over the past  three years” he said, adding they enjoy the experience.

“There’s a lot more going on  than you hear about in the media. When you get down there and you’re involved with the arts and meeting other people who are also into DIY, it’s a community and it feels like you’re with friends,” he said.
 The show begins at 7 p.m. There is a $10 cover.

By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
Last Updated ( Sunday, 07 April 2019 20:46 )  
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