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Hannah Georgas looking forward to returning to Lethbridge

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Vancouver based singer/ songwriter Hannah Georgas’ career has just exploded since she last playedHannah Georgas returns to Lethbridge, Sunday. Photo by Vanessa Heins Lethbridge in November with Said the Whale at Henotic. She has since released her debut full length CD ‘This is Good,’ and has appeared on the cover of this month’s Exclaim! magazine and had profiles  all over the place. She wrote a jingle for Wal Mart which she expanded into a full song due to fan demand not to mention had songs placed in a variety of TV shows including Flashpoint, Peak Season, Heroes,  Make it or Break it and DeGrassi: The Next Generation and she is currently in the midst of her own tour with her owe band, bassist Rob Driscoll, drummer Nick Spetz,  guitarist Dave Vertesi and keyboardist Andrew Brasan plus herself on electric guitar.

“It’s been really encouraging. It’s really exciting and now I have the full length record out, getting all of the positive feedback on it has been lovely,”  Georgas said from Brandon, en route to a gig in Regina. Hannah Georgas and Colleen Brown will be playing the Slice, Sunday, May 16.

“In high school I was in a pop punk band with a bunch of guy friends,  but I’m a singer-songwriter. I wanted to  see my songs come to life the way I envisioned them. I’ve grown up, I’m more mature,” the 26-year-old said. She expressed herself for a video for  her song ‘Thick Skin,’ by crawling through the mud naked.

“The response I’ve got from that has been great but it isn’t  supposed to be suggestive and it isn’t sexy. It is a crazy thing to do, but the idea of the video is perfect  to express the idea behind the song,” she said.

“And response to the record has been really good. So far, so great. It’s been amazing to have my own band to tour with  around Western Canada. And I just finished a tour around Ontario and Quebec as a duo,” she continued adding she is looking forward to returning to Lethbridge.
“Last time I was there it was at Henotic with Said The Whale and it was some kind of jungle scene. The dance floor was filled with people and there was a hop hop thing upstairs. It was pretty amazing because we had no idea it was happening. And Said the Whale were nice. I opened for them and their rhythm section backed me,” she said.


“We’re really good friends, but we have our own separate things going. But that tour worked well. I opened for them and they were  ready to play with me too,” she said adding  she will be spending July doing an acoustic bike tour of Vancouver Island with Said the Whale and  another big supporter, Jeremy Fisher.
“It’s going to be a tour of intimate theatres. I’m going to have to get in shape for it,” she laughed adding she is enjoying the current tour, which  showcases the variety on the new CD from jazz like ‘Something For You’  to  more dance/punk flavoured songs like ‘Dancefloor.’

“You  will be seeing me, playing my songs. There will be soft intimate moments like on the CD and some  and then you will be able to dance and rock to  others like ‘Dancefloor.’ It’s a fun live show. And we’re going to bring the ukulele and the acoustic guitar for a couple,” she said adding she has demos for six new songs, one of which she will be performing.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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photo by Vanessa heins
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