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Brenna Lowrie creates winning combination of classical music and folk with “Loss Leader”

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Local musician/ songwriter Brenna Lowrie keeps a pretty low profile, online as well as in person, but she is pleased the attention her new classical and folk music inspired Ep “Loss Leader” is receiving from fans, media as well as radio stations like CKUA.

Click here to Hear Loss Leader
“Who know where these ideas come from? said Lowrie.

“ But I decided I wanted this collection to feature classical guitar and voices and maybe a little folk music. I wanted it to be very sparse,” she continued, adding she recorded most of her six song EP at home. She also added a few subtle keyboard sounds.

 “I also recorded some of the voices in a space I rent because I wanted to eliminate background noise,” she continued.

The result is a beautiful 16 minute platter of tender fingerpicking highlighting, but never overwhelming Lowrie’s hauntingly beautiful voice.
 It is a departure from her more Joni Mitchell inspired folk music.

“ It’s a very honest artistic statement,” she summarized.

“ If I can record an EP at home, then anyone can,” said the ever humble Lowrie.
“She approached lyrics from an emotional point of view.

“Some of them are true, some of them are made up. A lot of them are about the loneliness of the human condition. None of them are black and white, but emotions are part of the human condition,” she continued. Loss Leader is her second EP. She also has released two full length albums. She is only going to release the music online. through Bandcamp as well as streaming services like Spotify, iTunes, Googleplay and Apple.

“ I don’t really understand a lot of that. I’m not going to release CDs because of the expense and because of the logistics. Besides, where do people even listen to CDs anymore? And I’m not going to release vinyl for 16 minutes and six songs,” she said.

 She is impressed with the result and so are a lot of people. Since she released it on June 23, the EP reached seventh place on the Earshot Folk music charts, though the EP has since dropped to 15 on the national top 50 charts.

“It’s very cool it is on the national charts. It’s great to see that support,” she said, adding she is pleased to be part of Lethbridge's vibrant music scene, whch includes a lot of  different musicians releasing new music over the past few months including Ryan “Skinny” Dyck, Starpainter and numerous others.

“Loss Leader” is also a highlight on CKUA’s playlist.
“I can’t say enough about CKUA for all of their support over the years,” she said.

“A number of people have complimented me on the CD and I’m thankful for that,” she said.
“I wrote a few of the songs before Covid, but I finished the EP during Covid, because what else are you going to do,” she said.
After she finished  the EP, she sent the EP to local producer/musician Jon Martin for mixing.

“I don’t know how to do that. But I had  a really clear vision of how I wanted the music to sound and he helped me achieve that vision,” she continued.

“I don’t even consider myself to be a good guitar player. I’m sure it isn’t proper classical technique. When I decided to do this project, I just knew I’d have to practice a lot ,” she said, adding she hasn’t planned a tour in support of the EP, though it is possible.
“Maybe. It would be challenging. I haven’t really played the songs since I recorded them. I’ve been playing more electric guitar lately,” she said.

— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 05 August 2020 17:31 )  
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