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Romi Mayes ready to rock Lethbridge again

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Winnipeg blues/country/ rock singer Romi Mayes is living her Joan Jett dreams.
 She is on the road for  about six months of the years spreading her brand of blues/ rock and folk all over the world.
She is looking forward to playing Lethbridge on the weekend for the first time ever, Aug 6 at the Slice.The Romi Mayes band returns to Lethbridge, Aug. 6. Photo by Richard Amery
“It is kind of nice, I don’t think I’ve ever played Lethbridge on the weekend. I’m excited, because I’ve done smaller, private shows and  I’ve played the Slice during the week, but I’m kind of excited to rock the Slice on the weekend because I have lots of friends and fans there who I know can really party hard, so it will be a really good time I think,” she enthused from a grocery stop in Saskatchewan, where she and her band are in the middle of  theior latest Canadian tour, which began  at the beginning of the month.
“ It ’s like a little bit of every album and a lot of rock. the show just gets stronger every time. If you like what we’ve done in the past then don’t miss this show because it gets better with the band with J in the band  from the Perps and Dave and Ryan the rhythm section.
 “It’s really fun, I love my band,” she enthused.
“It’s really super fun, we had some really great  turnouts on certain nights I just didn’t expect  you know it’s like a Sunday or Monday night show in a small town,  or something passing through and there were some good turnouts and some really excited people. So we just rocked them. We just got on stage and slaying so it’s been super fun.”
Spending so much time on the road has allowed her to tighten her set, but she has also been writing a few new songs
“Well I just keep adding a song here and there where ever I can like I’ve been writing so pretty soon, I’ve been talking with the guys about finding some time on the road to rehearse some new tunes . The fun part is mastering the set too, right, like having a couple  hours worth of material that gets better and stronger all the time. I mean if it gets boring, then we’re in trouble,” she continued.
“I think it was Ray Wylie Hubbard who said never write a song you’re not willing to play for 30 years on stage just in case people like it. So I kind of have that in mind. I like my songs and enjoy playing them. So I’m not too bored with the set yet. But I’m doing some writing right now,” she said adding a new live album is in the works featuring the band — Jason Nowicki from the Perpetrators along with bassist David Landreth and drummer Ryan Voth. It will be recorded at the West End Cultural Centre in Winnipeg, a popular live music venue which has a 400 seat capacity and is equipped to record with ProTools.
“By spring we’ll release it and tour it. It will be a whole other sound. But the transition has been really smooth. It seems like people who’ve really liked the  like the solo  singer songwriter stuff I did years ago, to like the kind of more rocked up  stuff with  the band’s I’ve played with,” she described.
“Now this is heavier hitting show I think that the the transition has been smooth enough that everyone  is really excited about  which is  I was kind of worried about , but everyone seems really cool with it. The fans seem to dig it,” she said adding  it just seems like she is on the road.
“ It always seems like I’m on the road because I’m always posting news, but there’s all kinds of months in between where nobody is missing me that I’m home. From Februray, March  to the end of August I’m really busy. In September/October I don’t do much, maybe go on one tour. Then November, December, January I’m always home in the winter I’m gone for six months on tour, seven months  depending on what I’m doing¯ she continued adding she is enjoying writing with Jason Nowicki.
“Yeah, J and I have a couple on the go that we have to finish. It definitely given me a great opportunity because I have an idea in my mind for a  song and I can lean on J to get the sound I’m looking for,” she said joking they are writing a song called ‘Lean On Me’
“I can lean on J, I’ll say I  kind of want like an AC DC riff , like this, he’ll say like that,  I say yeah and the band just takes it from there and I just learn my part,” she laughed adding Nowicki brings a lot of blues to the table.
“ Yeah, for sure  lot of old blues in there., I think it just a lot of rock, It’s more just rock and roll stuff. I’m living my Joan Jett dreams,” she said.
— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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