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White Cowbell Oklahoma look forward to new tour and live CD

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When you talk to Clem T. Clemson of White Cowbell Oklahoma, you never know if he is going to talk about flying a testosterone powered dirigible over Brooks and freeing all the cattle, or  bringing a Tesla powered speaker system to avoid blowing out the Slice speakers a couple visits ago, or about their “feedbag pizza,” and he always loves talking about the time the band drew protesters to a show outside the Tongue N’ Groove, but it is always unusual when he is semi-serious.


The Toronto based southern rockers are looking forward to returning to Lethbridge after a  year of spreading their “message of testosterone and profanity,” across the world.White Cowbell Oklahoma are looking forward to returning to Lethbridge. Photo by Richard Amery


“We have two massive tours coming up including the Rockstar Uproar tour where we be playing stadiums and enormo-domes,” said guitarist/ singer Clem T. Clemson.


“Then it will be White Cowbell Oklahoma versus Big John Bates and the Voodoo Dollz in a Battle Royale with the Schomberg Fair,” he continued adding they are also hard at work on a new live CD from a tour in Germany several years ago, which will be called  “Viva Live Locos.”


“We don’t do things normally, the way other people do, because this CD has people who aren’t in the band anymore. There’s lots of songs from the first two albums and our first out of print CDs. And we’re playing songs we don’t play anymore,” he said.


“There’s interesting songs like Frank Zappa’s ‘Magic Fingers,” he said they are also looking at putting out a live DVD.

“We’ve got 10 years of filth  on tapes and film reels to look at. We’ve had a lot of White Cowbell Oklahoma’s record of destruction, ” he continued adding in the meantime, until the new live CD  is released in about a month, they  have been releasing old demos, and live tracks from the early years of their career through their website as free downloads.


“We’ve been releasing old bootlegs, for people who are really into them, like women who have slept with us,” he said.

“Some of them, like Meatbag, which is actually about meat, we’ve barely played once, because when we played it we threw meat at the audience and they threw it back at us and it was a health threat. And we’re a self-governing organization,” he said. 


“But we’re taking a break just so we can play the Slice and see if they have that pizza named after us,” he said of the band’s Sept. 23 gig at the Slice.


“We also want to play Buck Hunter, there’s not many places you can lean on the bar and fire  a plastic rifle, because people don’t like it when we fire real rifles,” he said.


They have a history of  unusual shows which incorporate fire, chainsaws, toilet and other power tools. Clemsen has fond memories of Lethbridge gigs.


“The first time we played the Tongue N’ Groove, we had protesters, but they were gone before we arrived. I hope they come back. And maybe Corb Lund will stop by to jam on stage,” he continued  adding he is looking forward to introducing Lethbridge  to their new drummer, who they have been breaking in over the summer.


“We’ve been busy re-programming  his brain. We haven’t found a name for him yet. We’re still a sextet. We just like the sound of it. We’re a six pointed throwing star .” 


Sometimes they even have strippers involved.

“We still have strippers, it just depends on where we play,” he said.

“So if any women want to get on stage with us, contact us through the interweb,” he said.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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