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George Canyon inspires with new music and diabetes advocacy

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Nova Scotia born, Calgary based country star George Canyon is a very inspirational man.

George Canyon returns to Lethbridge this week. Photo by Richard Amery
 He has charted numerous hits including the most recent “I Got This,”  earned his pilot’s licence and is the go to national anthem singer for Calgary Flames hockey games (when he’s not on tour and he does all this while living with Type 1 diabetes, for which he has become a prominent advocate.

He plays Average Joes, May 14 with Lethbridge singer/ songwriter Mark Maxwell.

“I actually just in Lethbridge. I flew in and landed at the airport and played a few songs and met some people,” said Canyon, doing press for the upcoming tour which, other than a hometown show in Calgary on May 13,  begins in Lethbridge the next day and about his upcoming new album.

 He just received a National Advocacy Leadership award for breaking down barriers in the aviation sector for people living with Type 1 Diabetes.
“You don’t have to let it control your life with insulin pumps and new technology,” Canyon said.
 He has been busy working on his new record.
“These songs take me back. I grew up listening to a lot of different kinds of music, so the new music isn’t  traditional country music, but the new songs take me back to my earlier works. There are true George Canyon songs” he said, adding he is mostly working in his own studio outside of Calgary.
“I recorded the last CD in four different studios. You can do a lot through e-mail,” he observed.

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Boogie Patrol alive and well with “Man on Fire”

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Edmonton based blues band the Boogie Patrol are psyched to present their long awaited new CD “Man on Fire.” to Lethbridge at the Slice, May 12.

The Boogie Patrol return to Lethbridge, May 12. Photo by A May
“The last studio CD was in 2011 and we all got involved in other projects and lost a drummer and a keyboardist. We released a live album “ Alive” last year to let people know we were still alive,” observed frontman/ harp player Dan Shinnan. The core of the band, Shinnan, lead guitarist Yuji Ihara and bassist Nigel Gale, have been playing for about 10 years.

 The newish members, drummer Emmet VanEtten has been playing with them for two years and guitarist Chad Holtzman have been playing with them for a year and a half.
“They’re both phenomenal musicians.”

 Shinnan is glad the new CD allows the band to show off the new, funkier sound of the band and the new members.
“ It’s been a goal of ours for years,” Shinnan said.

“It shows off  out love for the Stax sound It is a very full sound,” Shinnan said, noting the CD features a lot more horns to reflect the band’s love for  ’60s and ’70’s R and B and soul.
“We’re not Blood, Sweat  and Tears. It‘s still us,” he said, adding sometimes they bring a horn section on the road, but they aren’t essential to the sound of the band.


Songwriter Eamon McGrath tells stories about Europe in new book

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Edmonton born, Toronto based musician/ author Eamon McGrath decided to tell the stories he want to in a different way, using a word processor rather than a guitar and a microphone.Eamon McGrath comes to Lethbridge this week. Photo submitted
 Eamon McGrath and his band, bassist Lee Klippenstein who also plays in the Slates; pedal steel/ electric guitarist
Darrek Anderson - who also plays in The Dungarees, and The Guaranteed and drummer Jerf Sebastian who played in early-2000s Vancouver punk band The Doers, play the Owl Acoustic Lounge on Saturday, May 13.

He is supporting the release of his new  book “Berlin-Warsawzan Express” by bringing his band on the road and playing some music.

“I’m very excited to release this book. I pitched as a novel/ fictionalized memoir. I’m a songwriter, but I wanted to find a different method to tell these stories,” he said noting the book reflects his experiences as as touring musician as it is about a young songwriter  and a Canadian abroad and exploring a foreign culture in Europe.

“ I also wrote a lot of songs about the experience which will be on upcoming album,” he said.

“But the experience of a songwriter traveling Europe on a train in the mid-2000s are absolutely true because that’s what I did from 2009-2012. Though some aspects have been exaggerated and some names of people and cities have been changed to reflect the story,” he said.

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New Jersey street punks Hudson Falcons to visit Lethbridge for first time

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Punk rock shows are beginning again for the summer in the Moose Hall.

The Hudson Falcons’ Mark Linskey. Photo submitted
 Promoter Alex Currie and Deathbridge Disease brought Calgary Celtic punk band the River Jacks to the Moose Hall last week to kick off their tour for their new CD. This week, New Jersey rock and roll punk band Hudson Falcons play the Moose Hall, May 11 with Calgary’s Streetlight Saints and the Galacticas.

“ We‘ve been trying to do a  western Canadian tour for years,“ said North Bergen, New Jersey based frontman/ guitarist Mark Linskey from Corpus Christie , Texas, taking a quick break from doing computer work for his day job doing as a union organizer.

“I do computer work. And as long as the work is done, my supervisors don’t mind where I do it. They’re very understanding,” he said.

The New Jersey based street punk band have been touring and recording since the late 1990s.
“We’ve been touring  for so long, we have a great network of people who can play. Because some people can’ t do certain parts of a tour,” he said.

 The western leg of the tour includes founding drummer Alyson Cina originally from  Lodi, NJ who currently lives in Washington,  DC. , guitarist Matty Davalos - guitar, originally from Minneapolis, MN, currently living in Rapid City, South Dakota and bassist Nick Ferrero who is from Manchester, New Hampshire.

“ He can play guitar or bass, whatever we need him to do,” he said.

“Alyson formed the band with me 20 years ago,” he said.

 He said the band isn’t really a punk rock band.
“I always wanted to tour, I just thought that would be the coolest thing to travel around and play, but I didn’t start touring until I was 29,” said Linskey, who is now 47.
“And since like 1998, I’ve played like 1,600 and 1,700 shows, but never western Canada. I’ve played Vancouver a couple of times and some of Eastern Canada. So I’m pretty excited to finally get to tour western Canada,” he said.
“Allison and I did like 150 or 160 shows in just 200-2001,” he said.
“ I just like playing rock and roll, faster and louder,” he said.

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Scenic Route to Alaska tour the world on “Long Walk Home”

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Edmonton indie rock trio Scenic Route to Alaska have been all over the place since last playing Lethbridge at Love and Records in in 2015.Scenic Route to Alaska return to Lethbridge, May 8. Photo by Corey Johnn
 The released a new CD “Long Walk Home” in September and have been to Europe several times since then with a fourth trip coming up later this month. But first, they play the Slice on Monday, May 8.

“We‘ve done quite a bit since we were last in Lethbridge. We released a new record and have been to Europe three times,” said guitarist/vocalist Trevor Mann, whose long time friends, Drummer Shea Connor and  bassist Murray Wood complete Scenic Route to Alaska.

“We played 65 shows in two and a half months when we released the album and came back and did a cross-Canada Tour. So when we got back, we hit the bed hard and slept for a month,” he said.
“We’ve toured Canada  a lot but somehow keep missing Lethbridge,” he said.

“Canada is really big. We could spend the rest of our careers touring Canada and still not get to play everywhere,” he said, adding the European trips have concentrated on Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

“We‘re really  popular in Germany. We‘ve played there a lot. They give us the time of day now. They like that we’re from Canada and really respect that we came so far to play,” he continued.
“But it’s like anywhere. There’s so much happening now, that you have to keep coming back to a place because you don’t want people to forget you,” he continued.
 They are pleased with the new album, which has been a hit with fans.

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