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Open mics and lots of drums this week

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There are several big shows this week.
The biggest shows of the week features Joel Plaskett who will be playing  April 9-10 at the Geomatic Attic.
 Plaskett is a well known maritime rock musician and former Thrush Hermit frontman who will be performing as a duo for these shows. The April 10 show sold out almost immediately so the April 9 one was added. E-mail Mike Spencer at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Tickets are $20 for members, $32.50  for non members or $35 at the door.Calgary Celtic band  Tir Na N’Og plays the Wolf’s Den this week.
The University of Lethbridge Headbanger’s Association ends their first season, April 9 at the university with an all ages show next to the Zoo featuring Datura, Chaos Logic, Enceladus and Pathogen. Tickets are $10. Also for metalheads, classic Canadian metalheads Helix will be performing at Average Joes, April 9.
It’s a busy weekend for the Lethbridge Folk Club as well. They have  their open mic at the Wolf’s Den, on Friday followed by Calgary Celtic band Tir Na N’og the next night.
It is also a good weekend for drummers and anybody interested in making noise by hitting things.
April 10  is the third annual day of percussion at the university, so to mark that there will be drum workshops all day from 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. by a variety of  world drum educators and performers.
Also for drummers, Global Drums has two shows at the University Theatre, April 9 and 10 including Mike Michalkow from Yamaha, the Japanese Taiko drums group and a Brazilian Samba with Malcolm and Barbara Lim plus the Steel Drum band which  combines two drum groups. The University Wind Orchestra will join them all on stage at 8 p.m. each night. Tickets are $15 regular, $10 for students/ Seniors. Also at the university this week, the University of Lethbridge Jazz ensemble has a show at the University Theatre, April 7.
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Mayes breaking hearts and taking names on Easter Monday

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I don’t know what is sexier about Winnipeg singer /songwriter Romi Mayes, the fact that she plays a jet black Gretsch which is almost bigger than she is and matches her long hair she was tossing back and forth, the sexy notes she plays on it or the fact that she can alternately croon and belt out blues with the best of them, or the fact that she cracks jokes on stage or the fact Romi Mayes cracks a joke during one of her songs. Photo by Richard Amerythat she doesn’t think she is sexy at all — or doesn’t seem to.

She played an Easter Monday show at Henotic for approximately 30 people, with her brand new band including  the Perpetrators’ Jason Nowicki, drummer Ryan Voth and bassist David Landreth. Thanks  to them and of course her natural talent, stage presence and charisma, she has finally found her sound. She has experimented with  bluegrass, country, alt-country and the blues before but comes into her own on stage as a blues woman.

She started with my absolute favourite Mayes song ‘ The Other Dame. You have to love a woman who can name drop Kerouac in the middle of one of her lyrics. She had a captivating stage presence. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her as she alternately rocked the house and  crooned, eventually getting some dancers on the floor.
I especially enjoyed one she sent out to all the single guys called ‘Can’t Get You Off My Mind’ as well as her “aggressive sex song.”

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Joel Plaskett pumped about opening for Bare Naked Ladies

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Halifax based singer / songwriter Joel Plaskett has been busy since his last visit to Lethbridge at the Tongue N’ Groove back in 2005 or 2006. Not only did  his ’90s  band, indie darlings Thrush Hermit reunite for a tour and an eight disc box set earlier this year, but he has carved out a successful solo career, crowned by his latest solo triple CD ‘Three.’ Joel Plaskett plays the Geomatic Attic, April 9-10. Photo by Ingram BarrsAnd now his is about to embark on a tour with  the Bare Naked Ladies.

He’ll be taking a break from that tour to visit the Geomatic Attic for two shows April 9-10.
“I’ve never toured with the Bare Naked Ladies before. It’s nice to be invited to open for them. It’s a great opportunity for me,” Plaskett said, checking into his hotel in Victoria  before the tour’s first stop, April 6.
“I don’t even think I’ve seen them play before. So it will be a challenge to  reach out to an audience who might not be familiar with my music. But by all accounts they are pretty receptive to the opening act,” Plaskett continued.

“I may have met Steven Page, who is no longer with them ,” he said adding he and guitarist Peter Elkas have a half hour set for each of the tour’s Canadian dates.
“So it will be a pretty intense hit heavy set for an audience who might not know my stuff,” he continued, noting he is looking forward to being able to spread his musical wings out a little  at the Lethbridge shows.
“I found out I’ve got a three days off in Calgary, so why not come down to Lethbridge? With the triple album, depending on how you look at it, I’ve got between six to eight  records and a lot of tunes, so I can change  the set list quite a bit. And Pete and I have  a long history of playing together. I can take requests and just follow my nose,” he said adding that also depends on how familiar the audience is with his material.

His latest release, ‘Three’, scooped up a trailer full of awards nominations from the East Coast Music Awards, Canadian Folk  Music Award, an Echo Songwriting  Prize nomination and  several Music Nova Scotia  awards.
“I’m really pleased with it especially seeing as it is a risk  to release a triple album. But it’s a risk that paid off. I don’t think it would have  been that successful if I had just tossed it off. I worked really hard on it, recording the songs  and thinking of the concept,” he said adding he did most of the new CD in his studio, just down the road from his house.

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Random Humans look forward to opening for Del The Funky Homosapien

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Chase Hummel and Noah “DJ Beatsmith Bear” Bellavance are just a couple of ‘Random Humans’ from small Alberta towns who moved to Vancouver to pursue a love of hip hop The Random Humans open for Del The Funky Homosapien, April
“We formed in February of 2009 so we are fresh,”  said beatmaker Bellavance, who is looking forward to his first gig in Lethbridge opening for  Del The Funky Homosapien, April 12 at the Blarney Stone. '
“We are jazzed about that. That’s our first high profile opening. I was just  checking my friend Cody the Catch’s Myspace site and saw he was playing too, so we asked him if we could hop on the gig too. And we did. It was the luck of the draw,” he enthused adding  he had known MC  Deception (Chase Hummell) for years.
“I remember when we used to party together back in the day and I was down with what he was doing. I said this has to happen. He’s a very  crafty with his lyrics. It’s poetry. I look at him. He comes from a small town and I ask ‘Where do you find this inspiration?’ Then when you travel with him and you can see it. He’s got mice on a wheel in his head running 24-7. It’s crazy and eccentric,” he enthused adding  a fortuitous meeting  with MC Deception at a record store cemented their plans.
“I’ve always had a love for music. I listen to everything, psychedelic rock, hip hop, everything. I’m buddies with the owner of the record store and he just throws records at me. So when I feel something, I just feel it. I decided I wanted to take it further so I moved to Vancouver.”


Rocking is the Stone Cartel’s business

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Stone Cartel guitarist George Warren sings ‘Rocking is My Business.’ photo by Richard AmeryRespect has to go out to Calgary’s Stone Cartel, who also had a good crowd at the Slice, March  26. They played plenty of big Led Zeppelin influenced meaty guitar riffs and searing solos on a variety of covers and originals. But they get respect, in my books, for  doing a cover of an obscure song by southern rockers the Four Horsemen —  ‘Rocking is My Business and Business is Good.’ I’ll take an original band any day of the week. Covers are fun to hear but it’s better when they are more obscure or if the band puts their own stamp on them, so it is great to hear obscure southern rock being covered.
The Stone Cartel were definitely rocking with some  excellent covers of  ‘Gimmie All Your Loving’ and  something by Airborne as well as one of their called ‘Walking on Water’ which is being played on Rock 104.5  in Calgary.
— by Richard Amery L.A. Beat Editor
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