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Day of the Wolf dawns in Lethbridge

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Karl Wolf
 Karl Wolf’s overnight success, thanks to his smash hit reworking of Toto’s ’80s smash “Africa” only took nine years. So life has changed for the Montreal based R and B singer/songwriter and producer who visits the Blarney Stone, July 8 (Wednesday) with rappers Cash Flow, Kay and Aace.
“I guess the biggest change in my life is getting recognized in Canada. I have a career in Japan, Europe, the Czech Republic, but Canada is a little bit slow to jump on the bandwagon. Now people recognize me on the streets,” said Wolf, putting the finishing touches on the video for the new single “Carrera” off his sophomore CD, “ Bite the Bullet.” He has almost completed his third CD which is expected to be released in December.
“It’s difficult to imagine that. When it takes  you this long, you appreciate it more,” he continued adding nobody sets out on a career path planning to fail, so the success does not come entirely unexpected.
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Rock solid entertainment at Geomatic Attic

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Carrie Rodriguez 2
  You don’t need to know a secret handshake to attend some of the fantabulous gigs going on at a novel new venue — the Geomatic Attic, located  above Mike Spencer Geometrics (#70-491 W.T Blvd. South)— all you need to do 
is e-mail in advance.
“We welcome anybody, it’s just  they have to e-mail because we have to limit the the number of people who can come,” said proprietor Mike Spencer adding
 the Geomatic Attic has been a popular underground sensation since March 2008 when he, with the help of photographer Dave Jacobson decided it would be fun to start bringing in live music at their own house concerts. A  house concert is  an event where touring musicians are invited to perform at a private residences, the host’s friends all come and pay a nominal  cover charge for the musician. Because the people come to specifically listen to the musician, the room becomes a “listening room” and the musician usually sells CDs to almost everyone there. The Geomatic Attic operates under the same general principle. 
This week they have two big shows, New York born, Austin based folk/country/pop style fiddle virtuoso and mandolinist Carrie Rodriguez is playing Wednesday July 8, followed by the Olympic Athletes Musicfest, July 11 featuring Washboard Hank and numerous local artists including Shaela Miller, Karen Romanchuk, Dave McCann and the 10 Toed Frogs plus Steve Keenan and Fat Baby Jake, who are raising money to help send Olympic hammer-thrower Jim Steacy and world ranked skeleton athlete Carla Pavan to the Olympics.
“I”m also involved in the Lethbridge Sports Hall of Fame. So this is a nice little crossover for me. I get to help Jim Steacy and Carla Pavan go to the Olympics and have a fundraiser everybody will enjoy,” Spencer enthused, adding the Olympicfest  will be set up in Mike Spencer Geomatics’ parking lot including bleachers, a  stage and artisans booths for CD sales and Josee’s Handmade Imports.
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Big events in Lethbridge

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Once again, Lethbridge is celebrating Canada Day with Canadian music.
The fun starts at 11 a.m. in Galt Gardens with local outlaw country boys The Smokin’ Pistols. A lot of different acts are playing throughout the day including the Ben Brown Band, Stan Ashbee and Double Jack. And Alyssa McQuaid is doing souble duty, playing Galt, then  the Mocha Cabana beginning at 2 p.m.
 There is more live music at Henderson Lake beginning at noon with the Lethbridge Community Silver Band. Trevor Panczak and Rough Stock are playing at 5 p.m. followed by the Chinook Community Orchestra. Glen Coulee play folk and blues in the evening as well as Hippodrome bring out the funk. Fast Times will rock you into the fireworks.
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Moka Only celebrates Canada Day

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Vancouver based rapper Moka Only is not only a prolific musician with over 40 albums to his credit, but he is also a real character
“Oh yeah, I guess that is Canada Day,” he laughed over the phone from Vancouver while spaking about his Canada Day gig at Henotic with the Scalebreakers and
 special guests the City Prophets, Absent Minds and DJ’s Booda Daemon
“I’m not much of partier to tell you the truth, I’d rather just hang out with a few good people and do quiet things,” he said, after joking he shoots himself out of a cannon buck naked singing the American national anthem to celebrate Canada Day.
“It’s been a while since I’ve been to Lethbridge — it’s been a good two months almost,” he laughed.
 He has just released his 40-something album, “Lowdown Suite 2— The Box” — a continuation of the Lowdown Suite, which was released in 2003.
“ It’s hard to keep track of how many I’ve done. I’ve recorded three other projects since then. It was originally done in 2002 Lowdown Suite 2 is the same sort of theme— musical textures and lots of jazz,” he said adding he wrote and played all of the instruments on the CD except for reed instruments.
“I have some samples, but I like to take everything and blend them together. If you use samples with diligence, it’s like you’re composing brand new melodies by taking existing things and fusing them together,” he said.

SNFU can still bring it

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If you ever thought Lethbridge audiences are too sedate, you weren’t at Canadian punk legends SNFU’s show at Bully’s Entertainment Centre, Sunday, June 21. 

They capped off an energetic night of punk/hardcore and metal, in the process proving, though the band is over 20 years old, that  they can still bring it. Singer Chi Pig was a marvel as he shook his shaggy blond mane— his Fu Manchu mustache making him look like a Chinese New Year’s lion hopped up on a potent mix of speed , adrenaline and beer. He found crazed kindred spirits in the front row where most of the local punks sung and shouted along with every word Chi Pig sang, though I couldn’t understand a word he said.

“I’m going to hang out with you afterwards,” he grinned at Richard Yarwood in the front row, who knew every word.

The punks bounced off each other like mohawked rubber balls, drummer Shane Smith was a blur resurrecting the spirit of John Bonham and guitarist Ken Goonie wasn’t perturbed  by Chi Pig’s antics. He didn’t miss  a note, even when, at times, Chi Pig grabbed his ass. Chi rolled all over the stage, licked the mic, stood on his head and donned a variety of weird masks and  abused a cyclops doll he held above his head — let's just say I pitied that poor doll, the things Chi Pig was pretending to do with it. The band wasn’t put off by the water bottles and alcohol flying through the air, neither was bassist Just Denis who was shook up at the beginning — a flying projectile may have hit him. 

It was impressive, while Chi Pig wasn’t leaping off massive stacks of speakers like he was when I saw SNFU at the U of L back in the day, he can still carry a wicked melody and has energy and then some.  It was a good time and worth being zombified early the next morning.

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