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White Cowbell Oklahoma set to tear up Lethbridge with rock and roll

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To paraphrase one of the band’s songs, White Cowbell Oklahoma have been tearing the music scene a new one for 10 years.White Cowbell Oklahoma. Photo Submitted
So who or what are White Cowbell Oklahoma? Fact: They are playing the Slice, Sept. 14. Fact: they are a Toronto based sextet known for resurrecting the spirit of old school ’70s style, riff heavy, harmonized guitar soloing, sex, drugs and rock and roll themed music of the ilk of Kiss, Lynard Skynard and Aerosmith especially on their latest, third CD, Bombardero. Fact: They are known for incendiary live  and loud shows,  which on occasion have included strippers, chainsaws, cowbells and assorted household tools and have even drawn protesters in Lethbridge. They may also be residents of another galaxy, here to divide and conquer the Earth or, on the other hand, they may just be clinically insane. Either way, talking to lead singer Clem Clemsen makes for an interesting trip into a dark, twisted mind.
“Sarge (White Cowbell Oklahoma’s former lead singer who left after contributing a couple songs and vocals to the new CD) left to start a helicopter business in the mountains of Burma. Actually that’s a lie, we had him cryogenically frozen along with the 573 former members of the band after consulting  our numerologist and soothsayer before starting our infernal third CD and they told us six was our lucky number,” explained Clemsen over the phone from Victoria, pausing to dodge a cup of coffee dumped from third floor hotel balcony by the band’s drummer. They started a massive western Canadian tour in Victoria, Sept. 4.
“You can read about it in the papers, we’re going to leave smoking craters all over the west coast. We’re going to sink Vancouver Island like Atlantis, except it will be called Pacificis, because we’re on the west coast,” Clemsen enthused, adding the band is enjoying playing as a sextet, as they usually average 10 members in the band at a time including two drummers, two keyboardists and countless guitarists.
“Sextet is just as sexy as it sounds. Plus we are 33.3 per cent more efficient as a band. And it makes lobby calls 33.3 per cent more efficient,” he continued, adding they are looking forward to returning  to Lethbridge.
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September starts with a bang

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It’s the long weekend, but thanks to all of the great music, art and drama happening this week, you can start celebrating Labour Day early.
A couple big festivals mark the weekend. The “In the Shadow of the Bridge festival”  dominates Saturday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Numerous local acts beginning with  the LCI Jazz band  at 10:45  will be playing next to Fort Whoop Up.
 Other popular acts include  the Hungarian Trio, Leon Barr, Joshua Fritz and Bridgett Yarwood, plus David Renter, the Ammena  Dance company, Leah Sadler and O’ Reely. Dave McCann and the Firehearts are also on the bill as well as the Lethbridge Fire Spinners, Hippodrome and Soup of Flies who wind things up at 10:15. After that, The Slice is hosting an after party with several local acts including Treeline, the Shaela Miller Threesome, Planet Telex, the Skilletlikkers and the New Weather Machine.
But things start early this week with the Dave Renter quartet hosting the Slice’s open mic tonight (Sept. 1). The next day, Sept. 2 the Slice welcomes East Coast Music Award winning folk/ country singer Christina Martin and East Coast Music Award nominee  Steven Bowers.
And Beija Flor returns to Lethbridge to play Henotic,  Sept. 4, which is also the day local classic rockers the Chevelles open up a new pub called Squeaky’s, located where O’Riley’s used to be at 411 3rd Ave South.
Popular pop/rock singer Ben Brown begins a regular Thursday night gig at Ric’s gig this week as well.
— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 01 September 2009 14:12 )

JPS trio jams up a storm

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Lethbridge finally got a visit from The JPS Trio, Aug. 29 at Henotic, including John Paul Smith best known for playing with punk-new wave band Sleeping With Tuesday,” who joined forces with Lethbridge drummer Kyle Harmon and multi-instrumentalist Dino Scavo.
“My other band, Sleeping With Tuesday is still a band, but they don’t really tour. We tour all over Western Canada. And we’re more diverse,” Smith said, whose band, which combines everything from jazz, reggae, funk and punk,  will be playing this coming Friday at the Bigwood music festival, which will be taking place at the end of the Research Station Road featuring several acts including the Skilletlikkers, Treeline, The Phantom Creeps and the Dirti Speshuls plus Randy Shaver. The music begins at 4 p.m., admission is a $10 donation.


Phantom Creeps debut new CD

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Though they have been together for less than a year, Lethbridge psychobilly trio the Phantom Creeps have come a long way. They have done 30 shows all over western Canada but most notably, the Phantom Creeps introduced their new CD to henotic,Aug. 25. Photo by Richard Amerydrummer  Dean Wilson is excited about the Phantom Creeps’ new self titled CD.

“It’s a mixture of  rockabilly, psychobilly and punk,” Wilson said of the 11 track CD which is all original material except a cover of  “Bright Side” from  a little known American band called Those Poor Bastards.

“Tyler (Brownfield, stand up bassist/singer)  and I just finished the tracking in our top secret  practice facility and took it down to Crossroads Studio for mastering,” Wilson said adding they welcomed new guitarist, Jon Vornbrock who plays with local alternative rock act, the Void, shortly after the recording was completed as they parted ways with their original guitarist, Evan Herbst, who plays on the CD.
“We knew Jon through friends from the Void and Atrophy Manuscript and wanted to play with him. So it just took one phone call and we had a guitar player,” Wilson said adding the band is pleased with the CD.

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Hardtails set the night on fire at Henotic

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The Hardtails set the night on fire. Photo by Richard AmeryIt is ironic when a fire hall gets set on fire almost literally as it did Friday,  Aug. 28 thanks to an incendiary show at Henotic with the Phantom Creeps and Calgary rockabilly trio the Hardtails on the main level, as well as  a farewell party for Jeremy Floyd Cowpar with the Void and Smoke Stack Jacks upstairs in the GCBC  Lounge.
 I was jumping between gigs upstairs, downstairs and across town at the Slice for Twilight Hotel and Scott Nolan, as per usual, but had almost perfect timing as I caught most of Scott Nolan’s  set of rough edged acoustic blues, coupled with harmonica and a little help from his friends in Twilight Hotel — Dave Quanbury and Brandy Zdan who lent their voices and slide guitar to the last couple songs of his set. Nolan returned the favour later on, lending his hand on drums  during  Twilight Hotel’s set along with Tyler Bird who contributed some stand up bass.

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