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Pack A.D. returning to rock Lethbridge blues/punk style

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Vancouver based blues/punk duo, the Pack A.D., who play the Slice, Sept. 10 with the Turncoats,  are a bare bones, raw and dirty rocking duo who know how to do it themselves — old school — thanks to a variety of innovative online contests.Becky Black and Maya Miller aka the Pack A.D, return to Lethbridge, Sept. 10. Photo by Richard Amery

“We wanted to record our first CD , but we had no money, so recorded cassettes live in our basement and dubbed them and sold them to fund it. We think it’s fun to do things that actually show you put some effort into it,”  said drummer/ vocalist Maya Miller adding the Pack A.D. enjoy involving their fans in the process of making their music, so they have been holding several unique contests through their website.

“ We held a mix tape contest because we have an old school bus which doesn’t have a CD player, so we asked the fans for their mix tapes. It went over really well. We got 45 tapes. And lots of really good tapes too,” she continued adding their latest contest is to ask fans for drawings and and artistic renderings of the band. The best ones will be included in their next CD’s liner notes.

“Even if your picture doesn’t get picked, we will still send you a postcard. Actually, if you want one, we’ll send you a postcard anyway, because people like to receive things other than junk mail and bills in their mail,” she continued.

They have also released all of their records on vinyl.

The Pack A.D. aka Maya Miller and Becky Black, touring on their third full length CD “We Kill Computers,” are looking forward to returning to Lethbridge.

“We missed it on the last tour. But there’s people that we know there and anytime we’ve played there it’s been a real good party during the show. We don’t party much after the show because we always have another show to go to, ” said Miller taking a quick breather from her Vancouver home.

 She said they will begin work on their next CD in January and February, which will continue in on the more garage punk sound, the band has been building on, evolving from the more laid back blues sound they began with.

“When we recorded this CD, we wanted to play a set and capture it as close to how we perform it live. So far it’s going over well,” she said.
“Before, we wrote some songs which are just not meant to be played live, usually slower songs, because by the time we got on stage, people are usually drunk and ready to party,” she said adding the Lethbridge show will include most of the CD, maybe some new songs and songs they play live, but have never been recorded.

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Daryll Düus rocks the Owl blues style

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Live performances from Lethbridge bluesman Daryll  Düus are rare treats, so considering I missed him at Bigwood III last weekend, I wasn’t about to miss him play an Darryl Düus plays slide guitar in the middle of the audience. Photo by Richard Amery“acoustic” performance at the Owl, Sept. 4.
His show wasn’t  plugged in at all, but surprisingly didn’t overpower the usually sedate room, which had the aura of  a New Orleans juke joint or a tiny southside Chicago club.

Jackie French joins Darryl Düus on stage. Photo by Richard AmeryHis crack band playing on stage behind him left Düus free to wander through the almost full house, playing guitar, and borrowing people’s glasses to play slide guitar on numerous blues classics like “Sweet Home Chicago” and “ Who Do You Love?” and originals. He beamed ear to ear as he  growled out the lyrics like Howlin’ Wolf did back in his heyday.

 He sang “Flooding Down in ‘Lethbridge’” and added some wild harp solos.


A couple fans had front row seats to the show. Photo by Richard Amery As special treat, he brought Fast Times’ Jackie French to sing a couple bluesy originals and sing back up on “Dead Flowers,” and Can’t You See,” plus several others. I especially enjoyed a song called “Red Peppers,” which featured Düus on harp.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat editor
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Shane Chisholm give country his own twist

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Claresholm based country singer/ songwriter/ bassist for hire Shane Chisholm, made his Lethbridge solo debut for a decent sized audience,”  Sept. 3 at Average Joes.
Shane Chisholm playing his gas tank bass. Photo by Richard AmeryChisholm and his incredibly hot band fused elements of old school country with a smattering of rockabilly, a lot of grins and a stand up bass made up out of a old gas tank.

 He opened up his second set with an impressive version of an old Hoyt Axton Song, “Della and the Dealer” which was featured on an early episode of WKRP in Cincinnatti. He also played several songs from his new CD “Hitchhiking Buddah” an upbeat version of “Kickin’ Up Dust.” including the title track and  had the crowd singing along with an amped up version of an old Hank Williams’ song, “ Kawliga”

 He also made several cover songs his own including countrifying Nazareth’s “This Flight Tonight,” as well as Big Sugar‘s “All Hell For A Basement, which he combined with a Great Big Sea Song.
 What was very , cool was his stand-up gas tank bass, upon which he pulled out all the rockabilly tricks, and then had his drummer come up and play a drum solo  on the bass, which resonated through the room.

They also fused a little Nob Marley with  Van Morrison’s ‘“Brown -Eyed Girl,” and ended with a country fried version of “Paper and Fire.”

His band is exceptional, they are Nashville ready, but they deserve better than Nashville. Chisholm has received several CCMA nominations for  “album design of the year,” “Special Instrument” as well as for “roots artist of the year.”

He is on his way to Edmonton where he has a CCMA showcase and will be playing all over during Country music week there.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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Last Updated ( Sunday, 05 September 2010 13:32 )

Kill Matilda bring female powered rock

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It’s always a pleasure to hear women rock out. So Vancouver based punk/metal foursome  Kill Matilda provided the perfect adrenaline rush for a long weekend Friday night at the Slice.Kill Matilda killed at the Slice, Sept. 3. Photo by Richard Amery

 Guitarist/ vocalist Dusty Exner, bassist Mykel Exner, lead guitarist Mar and drummer Marcus Luk brought it for sure. They had boundless energy, plenty of  high volume power chords and shouted vocals. '

Plus Mar and Dusty almost shared a kiss during a guitar solo  during a song called “She’s a Killer,” then launched into another song about “Mormon fundamentalists” called “Heaven Bound.”

I couldn’t understand a word Dusty, who sounded like Joan Jett on steroids, was singing, and expected a mosh pit  as their music cries out for one,  as did the band, but that was not to be seen — not this time. She leaped all over the stage and showed moments of impressive vocal range when not screaming.

They were tight, not to mention loud, but the crowd was into it, cheering after each song including one about a “zombie apocalypse. They were fun.

— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat editor
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Last Updated ( Sunday, 05 September 2010 13:27 )

Mike Grabow back to play numerous gigs in Lethbridge

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 Mike Grabow made a long awaited return to  Lethbridge this week with a performance at the Owl Mike Grabow at the Owl Acoustic Lounge, Aug. 28. Photo by Richard AmeryAcoustic Lounge, Aug. 28.

 He played a strong, laid back set of acoustic music for approximately 15 people. He showed off his fantastic voice as he played several mellow, yet upbeat, melodic originals before ending with Counting Crows’ “Mr. Jones.”

He is playing at the slice tonight opening for Jodi King, and has a solo show at the 1010 Pub on Saturday.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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