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I Prevail rocking a sold out tour

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Detroit, Michigan post punk/ metal band I Prevail are pleasantly surprised that most of their shows on their current tour  in support of their debut CD “Lifelines” are sold out. That included  their March 10 show at Coyote Joes. The event was so popular, that it has been moved to the bigger venue of Average Joes.
“It’s a great feeling. It‘s been phenomenal,”said ‘harsh’ vocalist  Eric Vanlerberghe.

“And I Prevail play Lethbridge thisweek. Photo submittedwe got off to a rough start with colds and the other singer (clean vocalist) Brian Burkheiser got pneumonia,” said Vanlerberghe, who along with band mates Burkheiser, lead guitarist Steve Menoian and drummer Lee Runestad, grew up listening to post punk and screamo music combining spooky melodic vocals and harsh, screaming vocals and detuned, riff heavy guitar, which earmarks I Prevail’s sound.

“The first half of the  tour was completely sold out and it looks like the second half will be sold out too. It’s been insane,” he enthused,  adding it has been surprising since half the band was sick for them.
“We have a pretty strong presence on social media like Facebook. We’re always reaching out to the kids,” he continued,” he said.

“ And we spend a lot of time touring. We had a lot of success from our first EP”

 They have released three singles from the new CD including “Scars,” “Stuck in Your Head” and “Alone.”
 And “Blank Space” from  their 2014 debut EP “Heart and Mind” charted at number nine on the U.S. rock charts.

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Big Little Lions make pop across the borders

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Big Little Lions have a huge sound and a whole lot of success for two people who live on opposite ends of the continent.

Big Little Lions make their Lethbridge debut this week. Photo submitted
 The duo, including Vancouver Island based, northern England born , Vancouver Island based vocalist/ guitarist Helen Austin and Cincinnati, Ohio based producer/ multi-instrumentalist Paul Otten, play the Owl Acoustic Lounge, March 11.
They both had successful careers scoring television and film before meeting each other at a film and television conference in 2011.

“When I first met him, I told him  didn’t like collaborating and that was it, then a couple years later I listened to a project he did and I really liked it,” said Helen Austin, who had already won a Juno award for Best children”s album  and then decided to work with Otten on her CD “ Colour It.”  which won another Juno.

“But I wanted to get back into more adult stuff. Friends liked  some of my more jollier ones, she said adding that pushed her into working with Otten who produced a couple of EPs and the full length  “ A Little Torn, A Little Frayed”  which won a Juno.
“It seemed to work, so we decided to keep doing it,” she said.

“We both love Icelandic bands. So we wanted to do something like that. It isn’t traditional folk, but it isn’t straight pop either,” she described.
“ Paul plays  drums bass and keyboards all at once and I sing and play guitar and a range of different percussion instruments,” she said, adding the sometimes play with a band, but prefer playing as a duo.
“ It isn’t financially feasible to tour as a band,“ she said.

“My daughter used to be in the band. She’s a fiddle player but she moved away,” she continued.
For a duo who live so far away together, they see a lot of each other.

“We’ve both got families. But  We’re doing this tour, and we did the Folk Alliance in Kansas and the Sundance Film Festival, so we’ve been  together eight times this year,“ she said.
They are always writing.
 They released “Just Keep Moving” in May last year just released a new single “ Against the Wall.”

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Old Man Luedecke to play hot banjo in Lethbridge

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Chris “Old  Man” Luedecke is excited to stop by Lethbridge again on Wednesday, March 8.Old man Luedecke returns to Lethbridge, March 8. Photo by Richard Amery
The Juno Award winning Halifax based musician just flew into Alberta to play a  spate of shows with long time collaborator Joel E Hunt still in support of his 2015 CD “Domestic Eccentric,” which is all about domestic bliss and home.
“The success of that CD has given me a pretty clear sense of purpose. There is a lot of stuff on the record. It’s 14 songs. People still want to hear the songs from it and I can’t get through all of the songs in a single show anyway,” Luedecke said from Camrose.
He has been busy touring and raising his family in Nova Scotia since his last visit to Lethbridge, two years ago.

“ I’ve been doing lots of playing, doing lots of fairs and I’ve toured in the  Australia and all over the United States,” he said.

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Hippodrome glad to help community at community cabaret

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Local funk/ R and B/ disco band Hippodrome are always happy to lend a hand in the community.Hippodrome plays the community cabaret this week. Photo by Richard Amery

 The band, formed  back in 12 years ago in 2005 by drummer Brad Brouwer, bassist Paul Holden, and frontman Juran Green and lead singer Erica Hunt plus horn section Don Robb and Ryan Heseltine, are playing the community Cabaret for the Geomatic Attic and  the Southern Alberta community Living  Association at the German Canadian Club (902 6 Street North), March 4.

 Also on the bill are Metis Red River Jigging with Pogo, Moccasin Flats followed by Lethbridge’s premiere dance band Hippodrome.
“It’s the community, so we‘re glad to help, ” said Brouwer noting Hippodrome formed 12 years ago.

“I was thinking, when I was a jazz student, that there aren’t a lot of big bands left and that there should be one,” Brouwer said, he heard about how well Juran Green sang and asked him to join. Erica Hunt, Paul Holden, Ryan Heseltine and  Don Robb were soon to follow.
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Plenty of Celtic classics with the Irish Descendants

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 As always Newfoundland’s Irish Descendants entertained an enthusiastic audience, albeit seated crowd with their annual show at Average Joes, Feb. 23.

The Irish Descendants’ Con O’ Brien. Photo by Richard Amery
 I caught bits and pieces of their early starting show.

 They ended their first set with Celtic favourite “ Down in the “Rattlin’ Bog” which had the laid back crowd clapping along as fast as the band picked up the tempo each verse, ending at a frenetic pace.

“Barrett‘s Privateers” was a second set highlight which showed off the quartet’s vocal harmonies. And everybody got to sing lead while the other three supplied harmonies.

A highlight  was the fiddle player singing “ I had But 50 cents. I had to wait until late in the show for them to unleash his fine fiddling prowess.

By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 01 March 2017 08:38 )
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