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Cindy Doire a delight in Lethbridge debut

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Cindy Doire and Rob Fenton, April 10. Photo by Richard AmeryCindy Doire made her auspicious Lethbridge debut for all of 10 people at the Slice, April 10.

She and dobro player Rob Fenton did a great job, especially Fenton who impressed an attentive audience with some sweet slide playing as well as adding vocal harmonies.

Doire has an immediately appealing jazzy/folk voice with some addictive pop elements as well as a subtle sense of humour which she showed on stage in spades.

 With her sexy, raspy voice somewhere between Feist and Twilight Hotel, she made a variety of pretty dark themed ‘muder ballads’ sound pretty darn sexy in her sultry whisper.

 Her first set included a variety of songs, a couple from her new  CD— her first English speaking CD ‘Sticks and Mud” as well as a “butchered Brock Zeman song that he hasn’t even recorded yet.”
A couple of my favourites “Don’t Let The Bastards Being You Down,” and “the Road is a Temptress” were in the first set as well as a couple very good new ones she hasn’t recorded yet.

 I’m glad I stuck around for the second set, which included  some of her French  songs she is best known for as wellas a couple of my favourites from the new CD “Too Long In Coming.”

 Overall it was a solid, laid back set with some excellent dobro and vocal melodies.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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Hey Romeo delivers up-beat show of pop country

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While I was sad to miss Alyssa McQuaid’s opening set, I was glad I arrived in time to catch the bulk of Canadian country Hey Romeo’s Stacie Roper beams at the audience. Photo by Richard Ameryrising stars Hey Romeo’s show at Average Joes, April 9.

 They played a lot of crowd favourites and hits from their latest CD “That’s What I Am.”

 They had the audience members two-stepping and calling out for requests.

“Their big hit ‘Searching For You,’ was the constant refrain from a couple of enthusiastic audience members throughout their upbeat set featuring the beaming front-woman Stacie Roper, the killer keyboards of Rob Shapiro and twanging Telecaster licks of guitarist Darren Gusnowski plus unstoppable rhythm from drummer Brad Kettle and bassist Curtis Edner.

 Roper looked quite at home on the stage, bouncing around and belting out beautiful melodies with a toothy grin. She had the audience dancing and singing along to many of the band’s hits. She introduced the band’s new single “Hello,” and blasthed through much of the band’s repertoire, including  some older numbers, one of which Gusnowski sang.

 In addition to playing most of their new CD including my favourite, the bluesy ‘If I’m Not Here,’ they added a few choice covers like ‘Fishing In The Dark,’ by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, the Dixie Chicks’ ‘Long Road,’and Tom Cochrane’s ‘Life Is A Highway,’ among others.
Everyone in the band was given the opportunity to shine.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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Sleeping with Tuesday and the Necessities return to play packed house

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The Slice was packed to the rafters, wall to wall, April 9 for a big show featuring Vancouver’s Autumn Portrait, and local Dino Scavo adds accordion to a Necessities’ song. Photo by Richard Ameryfavourites the Necessities plus a trimmed down Sleeping With Tuesday who are eliminating the keyboards from their live show.

 I only caught a few of the Autumn Portrait’s set of upbeat, indie rock. There were lots of hummable melodies and catchy guitar playing from the trio.

 The Necessities, as always, were crowd pleasers with excellent vocal harmonies and a variety of instruments including lead singer Thomas Woodman playing some didgeridoo and Sleeping With Tuesday’s Dino Scavo stepping up to add some accordion for one number.

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Jackson E is the new band on the beat

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Jackson E at Beaches. Photo by Richard AmeryIt is a blessing and a curse having 15 odd gigs on one night, so I had to pick and choose my favourites on Saturday.
 I’m always interested in seeing new bands perform, so had to take in local modern/ classic style original rock band Jackson E, who were playing at Beaches, April 9.

The bass and guitar duo were filled out by a drum machine thundering in the background.

 I loved the big guitar riffs and solos which ranged from blues to a little two handed Eddie Van Halen style tapping.

 They played a catchy, upbeat first set which combined elements of the Tragically Hip with a lot of other good stuff.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat editor


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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 13 April 2011 10:46 )

Fleet fingered fiddle makes Magnificent 7s sound marvelous

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I was looking forward to seeing the Magnificent 7s back in Lethbridge, April 7. I arrived at the tail end of their first set, The Magnificent 7s tore up the Slice, April 7. Photo by Richard Amerybut unfortunately missed opening act Clapping Monkeys.

However the Magnificent 7’s brought a fiddle player along for an upbeat bluegrass/ rock infused ride, who really enhances the sound.

They deserved a bigger crowd than the 20-30 in attendance, but gave it their all with sizzling banjo licks, superb vocal harmonies, some wicked fiddle and a lot more.


 While the sound left something to be desired in the first set, they pulled it together and then some in the second. There was a variety of original songs mixed in with bluegrass standards and fantastic interplay between all of the instruments.
— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 13 April 2011 10:37 )
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