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This week is for the girls

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This week is for the girls in Lethbridge with several top-notch female performers coming to play the city.

Probably one of the biggest shows this week is a special Geomatic Attic presentation of Jill Barber, with special guests Karen Romanchuk and Pete Watson, who play a specShane Chisholm returns to Lethbridge this week with Julian Austin. Photo by Richard Amery ial fundraiser at the Southminster United Church, Dec. 2.

Barber will be playing music from her latest CD “Chances,” as well as some new music from her upcoming CD “Mischievous Moon.”

Tickets for the show, which begins at 8 p.m., cost $30 for members, $32.50 for non-members and $35 at the door.

Winnipeg singer/songwriter Cat Jahnke also returns to Lethbridge after a long hiatus. Jahnke, who has been busy scoring films, has a brand new CD out, “The Stories are Taking Their Toll.”
There is a $10 cover for the show.

And if you missed Hey Ocean! last month, bassist David Vertesi will be back to support his debut solo CD “ Cardiography,” Dec. 3 at the Slice with David Joseph from By Divine Right  as well as Aidan Knight.

 He has also played Lethbridge as bassist for the Topless Gay Love Tekno party, sometimes tours with Hanna Georgas and as  a bassist with rapper Shad K.

If you want to be part of a live recording, Paul Kype and Texas Flood will be recording a live show on Wednesday, Dec. 1 at the Slice.

It is also a good week for country music, with Alyssa McQuaid at the Mocha Cabana Friday and Saturday. Also this weekend, Julian Austin returns to Average Joes with Claresholm’s Shane Chisholm, Dec. 4.

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Jill Barber to play Womanspace fundraiser

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Jill Barber, sister of popular singer-songwriter Matthew Barber, is looking forward to bringing her cross Canadian tour to Lethbridge, Dec. 2 at the Southminster United Church — a fundraiser for Womanspace sponsored by the Geomatic Attic.

Jill Barber plays Southminster United Church for a Womanspace fundraiser. Photo by Matt Barnes

“I don’t know a lot about them, but I hear a lot of good things about them,” said Barber on a fading cellphone from the middle of Northern Ontario, where she is in the

middle of a winter tour, en route to Winnipeg.

“It is a fundraiser, so I’ve got a lot of information about them. I’m really looking forward to being part of it. It’s going to be lots of fun,” she said.

“And we’re playing in a church. I love playing churches, they are made for music. The band is looking forward to it,” she said.

“We’re a six-piece. They’re my guys. They’re guitar, bass, drums, piano, clarinet saxophone and me,” she enthused.


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Cat Jahnke coming back

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Winnipeg based singer/ songwriter Cat Jahnke returns to Lethbridge after a long hiatus, which has mostly been spent scoring films. She Cat Jahnke comes to the Slice, Dec. 2. Photo Submittedplays the Slice, Dec. 2. 

While she sometimes travels with a  band, this time she will be appearing solo.

“It’s been about two years since I’ve been there,” Jahnke said from Three Hills,  where she was not enjoying the driving part of a winter tour. She has been playing a lot of soft seat theatres on the current tour.


“It’s been a good tour. A lot of cold weather. I’m going to bring a space heater next time,” she said adding scoring a variety of films and TV series including NBC’s webseries “Ctrl”  which stars Arrested Devlopment’s Tony Hale, among others.


“I’ve done six films and 10 episodes of CTRL. It’s nice to be able to stay home and score films, but it’s also nice to be able to  play live again,” Jahnke continued, who has been touring in support of her latest CD “the Stories are Taking their Toll.”

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Hey Ocean’s David Vertesi to return for solo show

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It just seems like yesterday when David Vertesi was in Lethbridge. Well he was, as  he was in town, Oct. 29 playing bass with one of his Hey Ocean’s David Vertesi returns to Lethbridge this week. Photo Submittedother bands, Hey Ocean!. But he will be back at the Slice, Dec. 3 as a solo artist with By Divine Right drummer David Joseph plus Aidan Knight.

He has also been in Lethbridge as bassist for the Topless Gay Love Tekno party, sometimes tours with Hanna Georgas and as a bassist with rapper Shad K.

“No, I don’t get tired of it. It’s a necessary part of my life and it’s a lot of fun” he said from Vancouver, where he is busy producing the next Hey Ocean! CD, which is a bout two thirds completed.
Having three vastly different projects allows him to explore different sides of his personality.
“I do a lot of different things. I’m the kind of person who needs a lot of different projects, or  I feel I’m not doing enough,” he said.

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Grady delivers deadly slide powered rock and roll

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One of the biggest shows of the week, not to mention loudest was Nov. 23 with Austin based blues rock behemoth, the triumvirate known Gordie Johnson of Grady sings. Photo by Richard Ameryas Grady.

Unfortunately I missed the Motorleague and Lustre Creame, who were opening, but arrived in time to get blown away, almost literally, by Gordie Johnson, bassist Big Ben and pint sized drumming machine Nina Singh.

Singh was dwarfed by  her double bass drum equipped kit, Big Ben towered over the stage, blasting out grooves and full on chords through a double bass rig.

And Johnson was a force to be reckoned with, blasting muscular Texas fried slide powered blues rock through  a variety of Gibson Explorers, SGs and his famous double necked SG through a twin amp combo.

 Gordie Johnson and Big Ben. Photo by Richard AmeryIn addition to playing deadly slide guitar through an almost two hour straight set, he sang along with almost every note he played, delivering Grady’s soon to be classics and even a couple Big Sugar hits, like “Digging a Hole,” which was included in the encore, as the good sized crowd screamed for more.

 You had to see, not to mention hear, this show to fully appreciate it though people could probably hear it a couple blocks over.

 The old school delta blues influence was undeniably omnipresent as Johnson was fingerpicking almost every amped up note he was sliding into, though it was tricked up, amped up, whiskey and octane fueled and polished for the twenty-first century.

They played some old trucking songs as well, and “Digging A Hole,” segued into a few bars of ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man,” sung beautifully by Singh, who added some superb vocal harmonies as well throughout the set.

Johnson beamed throughout the set and didn’t say much other than to talk about partying in Lethbridge when he was in high school and asking the crowd if it was all right for hims to play some tracks form the new DVD/CD set.

 I was impressed with his voice as much as I was with his guitar playing, especially on “Devil Got My Woman,” a highlight from their CD “Good As Dead,” especially when he sang along, scatting style, with some of his solos.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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