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Shanneyganock bring a kitchen party to the Blarney Stone

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Newfoundland’s favourite party band, Shanneyganock brought a Maritime kitchen party to the Blarney Stone, Nov. 12.
 Turnout wasn’t as high as expected for their debut performance, as approximately 70 people, consisted mostly of Maritimers who were in the mood for a party, though not dancing, at first.Mark Hiscock of Shanneyganock. Photo by Richard Amery
After a brief set by an opening duo, who learned a handful of songs for this gig, it was time for Shanneyganock.
 The band, singer/guitarist Chris  Andrews, multi-instrumentalist  Mark Hiscock, bassist Bob Pike and drummer Mike Clarke warmed the crowd up with some upbeat traditional Celtic songs, “Fishing on the Lorry,” “I’se Da Bye” and “Whiskey in the Jar” as well as old American traditional songs and quite a few originals.
 And while Andrews, changed a broken string, Hiscock, who was alternating between three different concertinas, a banjo and  a mandolin throughout the show, entertained the crowd with some peppy instrumentals. After the  change they broke into something from their latest CD “VII,” “Skellara Hat.”
Their tight set showed  why they get compared to  the Great Big Sea, though I also heard a lot of similarities to Tanglefoot. They had some tight vocal harmonies, Andrews’ baritone and Hiscock’s tenor melded well especially on more country flavoured originals like “ A Town this Size.” which featured some choice mandolin licks.
—By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

Get up and play this week

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There are a lot of open mics this week beginning tonight at the Slice with progressive rock trio Lustre Creame (who tore up the Slice up  over the weekend) and Treeline’s Taylor Ackerman. Another open mic which is becoming more popular every week is at the 1010 every Tuesday night at 9 p.m.
Lustre Creame Bassist Williss Orriss played the SLice, Nov. 13. Photo By Richard AmeryLocal country duo Tom and Curt are at the Front Row Pub this weekend, which means they are also hosting an open jam  on Thursday night as well.
 There won’t be a second open mic at the folk club  this month because of Tanglefoot’s farewell tour which is next Friday.
 If you were pumped up by  the Swollen Members at the Blarney Stone, this past Saturday, check out some local rappers at Battleground 6, Nov. 20 at Henotic. Lrev and Nickname will be battling along with Heavy Knowledge, urban voyce, jfuller and Shawn C.
 Henotic also has a couple big rock shows, Nov. 21 with  the Browns, Spastic Panthers, the Dregs and the Moby Dicks in the GCBC Lounge and several local bands including the Void, Dirti Speshuls and Milk Tea playing on the main floor.
 If you like more roots and blues, the Slice has an excellent show, Nov. 21. Chris Carmichael  who was last in Lethbridge playing with the Perpetrators several months ago, will be playing a solo show with Scotty Hills and local blues rock duo the Smoke Stack Jacks.

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Eyes of Isis have their eyes on the big prize

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Local rock band Eyes of Isis have their eyes on the big prize— a major label record contract and  appearances on TV. And the first step is a CD release party for their debut , self-titled eight song CD, Nov. 21 at the Moose Hall with Reaping Syn and Lock N’ Load. They’re pretty ambitious especially considering three of the four band members are still  students at Catholic Central High School.alt
“Lethbridge is a hard place to play when you’re underage so we’ve had to put on our own shows,” said singer/guitarist Jordan Davidson,17, adding they are  busy putting together a promotional package for record labels. The band also includes lead guitarist Chase Rennie 16, bassist Devon Sinclair,16, and drummer Sean Thompson,23.
 They have been together as a band for nine months, and spent the past two and a half months recording their eight song CD  at Amp All Studios. The chose eight of  the 18 songs they have written to put on the CD.
“We just recorded eight songs because that was all we could afford. It’s not a Nickelback album as far as sound  quality  goes, but we think it’s really good. We’re really happy with it,” Davidson continued, citing ’70s classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin, UFO and old Guns n Roses as musical influences.
“We just play rock. ’60s,’70s and 80’s rock with our unique twist,” Rennie added.
The three students met at school and were looking for a drummer.
“We were looking for a drummer and he was looking for a band. So we started jamming and all four of us  just connected,” Davidson said.
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Schomberg Fair connect blues and punk

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Bassist Nathan Sidon, guitarist/banjo player Matt Bahen and drummer Pete Garthside connect the dots between 1920s blues and gospel and more modern influences like punk music to make the unique sound of their band Schomberg Fair which hits Henotic, Nov. 18.Schomberg Fair
“When we started the band , our main songwriter Matt was really into pre-war blues and gospel happening and Appalacian music and I’m really into punk music,” Sidon said.
“With gospel and blues music, there’s a strong connection to punk music. Gospel and blues was the precursor to rock and roll. I listen to a lot of Charlie Patton and Robert Johnson and those guys were partiers. Their lyrics reflected the lives they were living. And Robert Johnson’s lyrics are a lot heavier than a lot of punk rock,” Sidon continued, adding he got into  old blues after looking to  what classic rockers like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath listened to.
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The Pack AD show duos how to do it

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The Pack A.D showed a pack of duos how to do a duo right, Monday (Nov. 10) at Henotic.Becky Black and Maya Miller of the Pack AD. Photo By Richard Amery
Not that that’s a dis on any of them but Vancouver’s favourite garage rock/blues influenced  duo showed several local duos how it’s done.
 I missed Austria but caught the end of Amelia Earhart’s loud and energetic set of bass and drums powered rock. Drummer James Stewart sang superbly while bassist  Ryan Grieve played some intricate fuzzed out, ear blistering bass lines.
Smoke Stack Jacks were fun as always with deadly detuned slide guitar from Dave Bullied and thunderous drumming from Geoff McDonald got the crowd of about 100 warmed up
 But the PaAck AD, on the third  last date of an endless tour, took things to a whole different level.
 Guitarist Becky Black bounded all over the stage, black hair flying everywhere, while singing like Janis Jopin’s ghost was possessing her soul as she played some gnarly leads and rhythms.
 the Pack AD had the crowd bopping. Photo By Richard AmeryDrummer Maya Miller pounded the skins like her kit had done her a wrong. Together they played in perfect synch like an eight limbed  blues rocking beast, sharing a single brain, kicking  some ass, taking names and out for blood. The band had IT and the crowd knew it as they bounced in front of the stage and danced on tables. Maya and Becky spoke briefly to the crowd, only to speak of the tour and  introduce some “brand spanking new” songs.
 They were excellent.
— By Richard Amery L.A. Beat Editor
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